Jan 18, 2014 Bloomington family pit bull kills four year old Kara Hartrich.

UPDATE: The four year old girl has been identified as Kara E. Hartrich.  McClean County coroner found that she died of massive blood loss after she was bitten by at least two of the family pit bulls.
The reporting from the local news outlet describes dog attacks as rare in Bloomington despite the recent severe pit bull mauling of a couple in 2012 who were delivering phone books and despite the fact that there have been attempts and proposals made to ban pit bulls since 2005.
RIP Kara
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Bloomington - Family pit bulls killed a four year old girl.  First responders said the girl had multiple bites.  She was taken to Advocate BroMenn Medical Center in Normal where she was pronounced dead.
Bloomington has had several serious pit bull attacks and a nearby recent fatality in recent years.  Last year, 2013, the city government opted to do nothing to address the pit bull problem and enacted a dangerous dog ordinance will not in any way stop serious and fatal pit bull attacks.  The year before that, 2012, the city council looked at dog control ordinances after a pit bull attack and did nothing.  Shame on them.  We need elected officials in Illinois to stand up to interest groups and do what's right.  Cities around Illinois are grappling with pit bull attacks but none have done anything to protect children, innocent people and pets from pit bulls.

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Cities that have faced pit bull attacks, discussed regulation, but refused to regulate pit bulls to prevent pit bull maulings:
Glenwood, Galesburg,  Lake County, Elgin, Waukegan, Cary, Carmi, Skokie, Peoria, Macomb, Arlington Heights, Evanston, Machesney Park