Jul 16, 1987 Teen Held For Using Pit Bull in Robbery

Chicago - Police charged a 16-year-old West Side youth with armed robbery Wednesday for using two pit bull terriers as weapons to rob another teenager.

The pit bulls were ``just as good as a gun,`` said police Sgt. Randy Barton.

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Jul 06, 1987 Driver Unleashes Pit Bull On 2 Cops

Notice that in 1987, charging pit bull attacks were new. Police no longer make these kinds of comments to the media because people are VERY UNFORTUNATELY becoming habituated to the pit bull attack style.

Chicago - On the South Side early Sunday, one driver calmly opened his door and released a charging pit bull at two startled patrol officers, police said.

Police shot the attacking dog twice in the chest, but it still kept coming at them. The dog and its owner then fled, and the two officers were not injured in the attack.
``The thing was shot and it still kept coming; I`d be scared out of my socks,`` said Patrolman Robert Miller, a review officer at the South Chicago District station. ``You just don`t expect that kind of thing.``

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Chicago Tribune  Accessed: 2011-12-06. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/63k2JJSHP)

Jul 03, 1987 Waukegan IL To Hold Hearing On Banning Pit Bulls

"Although some animal-rights' advocates consider these laws overreaching, the biggest debate revolves around the statutes aimed at pit bulls. Some 40 or so communities have enacted or weighed these kinds of restrictions in the past year. Hearings will be held next week in two communities - Waukegan, Ill., and Littleton, Colo., - on pit bull bans.

``The statistics are clear: Pit bulls are more dangerous than other breeds,'' says Larry Berkowitz, the Littleton city attorney."

The Christian Science Monitor