Feb 04, 2016 Peoria Pit Bulls Attacking Three People Were Shot by Police

Peoria - The racist and stupid Ramona confusedly describes pit bulls menacing and attacking three people as "kids" teasing the pit bulls, but does give a location.

That's the ignorance of most people. That's exactly what I was talking about earlier most people have no common sense whatsoever in this world. If you don't use the common sense that you were born with you don't need to be here. And that goes for all these ignorant f****** cops out there too. They're so quick to pull their gun on a pit bull or anything that looks like a pitbull. We just had two of them shot down on Humboldt Street in the south side of Peoria Illinois period saw the video no apparent reason whatsoever. There were three black kids that were teasing those dogs one had to run up on a car the other one standing out on the sidewalk with a board in his hand and the other little tired was running around the other side of the car. The cop pulls up with his lights blazing the dogs are barking at those niggars and the cop is hastily pulling out his gun and shot and killed both of them. Why? You got me! I am furious that people are this damn stupid ass ignorant. Ignorance is bliss I guess in some people's eyes but in my eyes it's a waste of space.