Feb 28, 2008 Pit bull owner allowed declared dangrous pit to attack child

Danville – A city case against Bob Pape, owner of Pape Memorial Home & Gardens will go to trial.

Pape's pit bull dog allegedly snapped at a 2-year-old boy on Jan. 27 while the boy was attending a visitation for his grandfather at the funeral home. The dog, named Blue, typically accompanies Pape to work.

The dog had previously been declared dangerous. Since then, Pape has been required to keep the dog muzzled and leashed when not at home.

Pape said the dog was leashed but not muzzled when the incident occurred on Jan. 27.

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Feb 19, 2008 Pit Bulls Attack Man Walking Dog on Northwest Side

Chicago - Police fatally shot a pit bull and were searching for a second one Monday afternoon after the animals attacked a man walking his dogs on the Northwest Side.
Chicago Needs BSL
The incident occurred about 12:30 p.m. in the 3700 block of West Agatite Avenue in the Albany Park neighborhood, Officer Tom Polick said.

The man called 911 on his cell phone, and police officers who responded fatally shot one of the pit bulls. The other pit bull ran away.

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Feb 08, 2008 Mt. Vernon Police Called When Vicious Pit Bull Trapped Woman

Mt. Vernon - A woman called police because she was trapped in her home by a vicious-acting pit bull.

Someone from the 1600 block of South 12th Street reported at 3:23 a.m. Thursday a pit bull was acting vicious around her front door and would not let her exit her home.

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