May 31, 2014 Ogle county pit bulls maul teacher who was jogging

UPDATE:  Ogle County State's Attorney refuses to prosecute the pit bull owners giving all pit bull owners the green light to allow their pit bulls to maul with impunity.  He says he has no case.

Aneda Ebert: 
"I'm still in a lot of pain," she said Sunday. "The outside wounds are healing well, but the doctor says it could be 5 to 6 months for the internal stuff."
Aneda said the muscle is torn from the bone and skin is torn from the muscle. While it's nice to start walking again, it's frustrating how painful any movement can be.
"I just don't have that spring in my step," Aneda said. "It still hurts too much to run, and I haven't even tried the bike yet. I'm trying my best to carry on, but it's painful."
While the decision not to prosecute didn't come as a surprise, it was still disappointing, Aneda said.
"I wasn't surprised, because of the Illinois statutes, but with the severity of the attack, it just seems that something should have happened," Aneda said.
If someone can do this to a human being and not be held legally responsible for it, there is something wrong with the law and it needs to be changed.  How hard is that to understand?

UPDATE: "It hurt so bad I wanted to die."

UPDATE: Aneda Ebert is home after a 4 day hospital stay.  Ebert suffered severe injuries to her neck, shoulder, arms, and one leg. She spent 4 days at KSB Hospital in Dixon before being released Friday.  The attacking dogs were initially reported as 2 pit bulls, but there was also a third, smaller brown dog that also participated in the attack.  All three dogs were euthanized.

"The support has been overwhelming," she said. "People have been wonderful."

"They started biting at my elbows, and I knew I was in trouble," Ebert said. "Then they got more vicious, and they were growling. They got me down, and they had me by the neck. I protected my face.

“Larry saw them drag me at least 15 feet. I can't believe the grip they had. There was nothing I could do. And then I saw Larry's face."

Tom Champley, a veterinarian who is Ogle County's animal control administrator, said last week that the husband's quick action likely saved her life.

"It's a good thing her husband was right there, or it might have been a fatality," Champley said.

Ebert said she was shocked by the viciousness of the attack.

"The brutality is what bothers me," she said. "It was so savage."

Apr 23, 2014
Ogle co - Aneda Ebert, 63, was jogging past a neighbor's house in southern Ogle county near Ashton on Monday, when two pit bulls ran out of the yard and attacked her.

Tom Champley, Ogle county's animal control administrator, said it was good that her husband was with her, or “it might have been a fatality.” She suffered severe injuries to her neck, shoulder and leg.

The dogs were impounded by animal control, Champley said, and the owner agreed that they should be euthanized. He said no previous problems had been reported with the two dogs.

Ebert faced a second round of surgery on Wednesday.

Her family is keeping friends and well-wishers updated on her facebook page.

Mom already looked considerably better today. She's very broken on many levels, but time will heal her. On Monday her surgery was mostly cleaning her wounds. Tomorrow she will have surgery again around noon to start her repairs. She is very nervous about creating more pain, but this will be a big step toward recovery, so she'll get through this too. Hopefully after tomorrow we will have a better idea of what's ahead.
We are all very touched and grateful for the tremendous support. Keep the comments coming - it lifts moms spirit to hear your comments, texts, etc

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May 29, 2014 Bath man shoots pit bull, claims self-defense

Bath - Fred Miller, 82, was driving a golf cart in his neighborhood, armed with a shotgun loaded with bird shot, when a pit bull approached him.  He felt he needed to defend himself, so he shot the pit bull in the snout.
The Mason County State's Attorney, Roger Thomson, charged Miller with aggravated cruelty to a companion animal.

Thomson is reported to have said that being under attack by a dog would qualify Miller's actions as self-defense.  Evidently, you have to allow yourself to be attacked before you can defend yourself in Thomson's mind.  Thomson characterized Miller as merely "fearing that a dog could possibly attack." and the news article did not report Miller's account of the event.

The pit bull survived.

Miller says he will hire an attorney.

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May 29, 2014 DeKalb police seek pit bull that attacked woman

UPDATE: Dog owner in DeKalb bite incident comes forward.  He may have come forward after being discovered trying to ditch his mauling pit bull on craigslist.
May 20, 2014
DeKalb - DeKalb residents lobbied the city for 5 years to have a dog park, and just 6 months after it opened, a pit bull attacked a woman so severely that she required reconstructive surgery on her arm and a 3 day hospital stay.  The pit bull owners just walked away.  The victim and her significant other don't blame pit bulls, but they intend to stay away from the park for a while.

DeKalb police are searching for the pit bull and owners and are asking for the public's help to find the them because the victim will have to undergo rabies shots if the pit bull can't be found.  And because it is important that the dog be found, no one is playing the "no one can identify a pit bull" game or pretending that it might be just any ol' 90 to 120 pound grey mutt with a white chest and silver choke collar.

There are plenty of other people with grey pit bulls frequenting the park and they are upset that they are being scrutinized as possible suspects.

How to help
People believe the pit bull's name is Buddha and the people with the pit bull were three men in their twenties.  Two men were white and one was indian or hispanic.

Anyone with information about the pit bull or its owners is asked to call DeKalb Police Department's nonemergency number at 815-748-8400. They can also leave an anonymous tip with DeKalb County Crime Stoppers at 815-895-3272.

On January 15, 2014, The Northern Star news outlet ran a story about the dog park being non-descriminatory.   DeKalb resident AJ Edwards, who owns a miniature pinscher, said, "My favorite part of DeKalb having a dog park is there are no restrictions that ban certain dog breeds — like Doberman pinschers, pit bulls and the like — due to them being labeled as “aggressive.” This is a wonderful rule and I commend the city of DeKalb for being open to all breeds.

The dog park’s regulation sign states that, “No dogs known to be aggressive toward other dogs or people may enter the area,” and that owners are responsible for keeping an eye out on their dogs.

“I’m excited that I can take my pit bull somewhere with other dogs knowing that there is not a bias toward the breed I have,” said senior sociology major Cameron Stingily. “They sometimes have size and breed restrictions, but they don’t here so I’m happy.”
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May 21, 2014 Granite City Pit Bulls Responsible for 11 Pet Attacks and Deaths

A pair of pit bull mixes have been killing pets since last November and may be responsible for all 11 deaths to pets including the devastating home invasion attack that brutally killed three chihuahua mixes.  The pit bulls jumped over a fence into the enclosed yard and then entered the home through a doggie door to kill three chihuahua mixes.

One Chihuahua mix, Cowboy, had been dragged outside and disemboweled, so a police officer put him out of his misery.  Another dog, Bandit, was killed inside and the third, Sugarbutt, was still alive when police arrived, but mortally wounded.

The brutality of the attack devastated the owner who came home to to a horrific scene, but did not see the attack.  Other neighbors describe the same pit bull mixes as having tried to enter their homes to kill their pets.

Last year, a pit bull killed a sheltie being walked by a mentally disabled man, and these are just the most recent in a string of pit bull problems that go back many years In Granite City.  Nothing has been done and the problem seems to be getting worse.

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May 07, 2014 Chicago Resident Saves Woman and Dog From Pit Bull

I just saved a woman and her dog from getting eaten alive by a pit bull in the alley of 85th Knox. The dog is lucky all I had was a shovel and the owners a lwasuit. These dam dogs should be illegal. Keep your dam dogs locked up!!!
  • Thank you & Amen! As a walker I have been chased & nearly bitten on many occaisions not to mention all the "Presents" left on the sidewalk. I am a dog lover this really bothers & hurt me
  • Beth W 
    The owners are at fault. If a dog of any breed is that aggressive, then there is something going on to make it that way. You may not believe it, but there ARE dog fight rings everywhere and ye
  • Gene Ryan 
    I don't see little chihuas shredding people to pieces!
  • I hope a police report was made. Owners need to be fined for loose dog and they will also have to prove registration & rabies. Do it! That's the only way they might keep a better eye on their dog
  • Oh Gene that is really silly..but Chihauhaus can attack but due to their small mouths don't do as much damage your correct..but they do attack too...
  • Oops..I think that is Chihuahuas..but there appears to be quite a few attacks and the people getting attacked go thru a deep shame process and one guy actually killed himself over it.
  • Gene Ryan 
    I think the people who are pro pitbull would think differently when it happens to them.
  • Doesn't matter Gene what breed was involved in an attack....i highly doubt the victim would want to be near ANY BREED after that. I know I would be fearful of ANY breed.
    Please stop with the hate especially when I am guessing that you have little to no experience with this loving breed....Start by being a protester against the Humans that do this cruelty to the breed to make them like this.
    Thanx so much!
  • Gene Ryan 
    I believe that no animal should be lockedmup by humans, in a home or zoo.
  • Gene Ryan 
    My reason for posting this incident was to warn those with common sense about the animal problem, the rest will never understand. As the neighborhood has changed demographics, I started to feel that those who walk the neighborhood are no longer safe from humans and should have some sort of weapon. As in many neighborhoods with changing demographics, there develops the need for these residents to protect themselves with big dogs and to compete with having the biggest, meanest dog. So now we not only need to walk with protection from humans, but also wild animals.
  • Nan 
    My daughter had a Sheltie who loved children. One day we had company with a little boy who hit her hard on the hip with a soccer ball. After that she did not like boys.
  • Gene Ryan 
    This woman was innocently walking her dog home down the alley and the animal attacked them from behind. The animal was trying to attack her dog, so she picked it up and then the animal began attacking her because it could not reach her dog.
  • I totally understand the frustration Gene one should have to fear walking their pet's awful to have it happen..I for sure would not want to be in that position....and the dog and owner should be reported always!
    It's a blessing that you were there to help!!!!
    The only problem I had with your post was the negative reference to Pitbulls..that they should be illegal....
    Again NO ONE should have to fear being attacked..

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