May 07, 2014 Chicago Resident Saves Woman and Dog From Pit Bull

I just saved a woman and her dog from getting eaten alive by a pit bull in the alley of 85th Knox. The dog is lucky all I had was a shovel and the owners a lwasuit. These dam dogs should be illegal. Keep your dam dogs locked up!!!
  • Thank you & Amen! As a walker I have been chased & nearly bitten on many occaisions not to mention all the "Presents" left on the sidewalk. I am a dog lover this really bothers & hurt me
  • Beth W 
    The owners are at fault. If a dog of any breed is that aggressive, then there is something going on to make it that way. You may not believe it, but there ARE dog fight rings everywhere and ye
  • Gene Ryan 
    I don't see little chihuas shredding people to pieces!
  • I hope a police report was made. Owners need to be fined for loose dog and they will also have to prove registration & rabies. Do it! That's the only way they might keep a better eye on their dog
  • Oh Gene that is really silly..but Chihauhaus can attack but due to their small mouths don't do as much damage your correct..but they do attack too...
  • Oops..I think that is Chihuahuas..but there appears to be quite a few attacks and the people getting attacked go thru a deep shame process and one guy actually killed himself over it.
  • Gene Ryan 
    I think the people who are pro pitbull would think differently when it happens to them.
  • Doesn't matter Gene what breed was involved in an attack....i highly doubt the victim would want to be near ANY BREED after that. I know I would be fearful of ANY breed.
    Please stop with the hate especially when I am guessing that you have little to no experience with this loving breed....Start by being a protester against the Humans that do this cruelty to the breed to make them like this.
    Thanx so much!
  • Gene Ryan 
    I believe that no animal should be lockedmup by humans, in a home or zoo.
  • Gene Ryan 
    My reason for posting this incident was to warn those with common sense about the animal problem, the rest will never understand. As the neighborhood has changed demographics, I started to feel that those who walk the neighborhood are no longer safe from humans and should have some sort of weapon. As in many neighborhoods with changing demographics, there develops the need for these residents to protect themselves with big dogs and to compete with having the biggest, meanest dog. So now we not only need to walk with protection from humans, but also wild animals.
  • Nan 
    My daughter had a Sheltie who loved children. One day we had company with a little boy who hit her hard on the hip with a soccer ball. After that she did not like boys.
  • Gene Ryan 
    This woman was innocently walking her dog home down the alley and the animal attacked them from behind. The animal was trying to attack her dog, so she picked it up and then the animal began attacking her because it could not reach her dog.
  • I totally understand the frustration Gene one should have to fear walking their pet's awful to have it happen..I for sure would not want to be in that position....and the dog and owner should be reported always!
    It's a blessing that you were there to help!!!!
    The only problem I had with your post was the negative reference to Pitbulls..that they should be illegal....
    Again NO ONE should have to fear being attacked..

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