Jun 27, 2013 Pit Bull mauls 10 year old girl - crowd cheers as pit bull owner arrested

UPDATE: The girl who was attacked met with her savior, Terry Burnside Sr. at a fourth of July party to give him a trophy and thank him for saving her life.  "

"I really appreciate him saving my life that's why I wanted to give him a trophy," Sionna Barber said

Animal Control is calling the dog a Shar Pei, a dangerous fighting breed from China, but there are no photos available of it.  It should be noted that pit bull advocates often have  trouble distinguishing a pit bull and a shar pei mix.  See the Shar Pei meme to learn about this strange phenomenon.

Peoria - A 10 year old girl was mauled by a loose pit bull while she was playing outside.  Her rescuers, Terry Burnside Sr and Terry Burnside Jr, beat the dog off the girl with a hammer and their fists to stop what they called a shocking attack.

The girl was taken to the hospital with deep gashes and multiple injuries to her head, back and arms.

The pit bull owner, RITA S. WASHINGTON,  took the pit bull and hid it in her house without attempting to aid the child in any way.  When police came for the pit bull WASHINGTON attempted to give them a different dog.  Police finally were able to get the pit bull and placed WASHINGTON "into custody to the cheers of a gathered crowd."

RITA WASHINGTON was arrested on a warrant for an outstanding traffic ticket and for obstructing police.  She was given two piddly tickets for failure to inoculate or register the mauler and for allowing the mauler to run at large and create a nuisance.

This is the second mauling of a child by a bull breed dog reported in the news since Peoria was reported to be looking at how to limit dog attacks.

Here's a hint: regulate or ban bull breeds.  Peoria is a home rule city and under home rule, Peoria can implement BSL despite the statewide ban on BSL.  And the Illinois home rule system "gives the broadest and most liberal authority to cities and counties of any state in the nation" according to NIU's Center for Governmental Studies.

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Jun 25, 2013 Champaign Pit bull attacks Man; Police officer shoots it

Champaign - A police officer shot and killed an attacking pit bull.  It has bitten a man and was continuing to menace the man even after he jumped a fence to get away.

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Jun 22, 2013 Kendall co Rescued Pit Bull Attacks Pony On Pony's Property

Kendall co - Last February a young Aurora police officer made the news by adopting an aggressive pit bull he first encountered on an aggressive dog call.  Even though the initial report on her was for an aggressive dog, and a veterinarian later deemed her aggressive, Officer Grandchamp saved her from being euthanized and, with the help of Don't Bully My Breed rescue, he adopted the pit the very same day and named her Shield.

At some point, Shield went through "a battery of temperament tests through a Geneva training center…and passed with flying colors."

As you might suspect, pit bull advocates ate this story up and for a while Grandchamp was all over the internet telling people not to judge pit bulls by their looks or moments of aggression if they act lovey dovey in between their aggressive outbursts.

Four months later, on June 15, the pit bull escaped her yard, went to the neighbor's yard and attacked a welsh pony.  The pony's owner drove Shield the pit away using a pitchfork.

A veterinarian came and closed the gaping wounds on the pony. Shield was sent right back home with no quarantine because the pit did not bite a human.  Kendall county animal control is apparently unaware that the quarantine is a guard against the spread of rabies or that horses can get and spread rabies, and not a time out for bad behavior.

Commenters on the updated story included a Megan who might be the Megan from Don't Bully My Breed who suggested that we can't know if the pit bull wasn't just playing or if it went into a play bow before it ripped gaping holes in the pony as if that would matter to anyone but her.  Megan preferred to focus on the use of the pitchfork as a means of protection from the aggressive pit bull even though the pit bull's aggression occurred in a barn and pitchforks are a necessary tool in barns.

This, in fact, is not the first time someone has had to resort to using a pitchfork to protect themselves from a pit bull in Illinois and they killed the pit bull with it.

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Beacon News Accessed: 2014-04-07. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/6OePWaMkJ)
Beacon News Accessed: 2014-04-07. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/6OePoPpwe)

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Jun 12, 2013 Tom Loewy: Pit bull attack kills beloved pet

Bob is on the right RIP
Abingdon-Bob was a particular feline. 
He liked to get up early in the morning. He liked to make sure his owners, Lissa Mings and Bobby Landon, filled his food bowl. And when weather allowed, he liked to be let outside for a lap around the house before settling on the front porch to gaze and blink at the world as it passed through Abingdon.
“That was Bob. He was a good cat,” Landon said Monday afternoon. “He had his own personality. Some people might not understand this — but Bob was a big part of our family.”
You may have noticed Landon spoke of Bob in the past tense. That’s because the black cat that brought his own indelible personality to the house Mings and Landon share at 411 W. South St. is dead.
Bob died Saturday morning after being attacked by a pit bull.

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Jun 03, 2013 Two Chicago pit bulls maul 3 year old boy

UPDATE: When the attack on the 3 year old occurred, four visiting children under the age of 9 had been left alone with the pit bulls, one of which was pregnant or had recently given birth.

A day after the serious attack on the three year old child who is still in the hospital, the vicious pit bulls are still in the owner's home.  CACC came to confiscate the dogs, but since no one answered the door, they just left a notice on the door.  Wow.

Chicago - A 3 year old boy was mauled by two pit bulls inside a building on the 7300 block of south Kingston.  He was taken first to a fire station across the street from the incident and from there taken to Comer Children's Hospital with multiple puncture wounds around his head and his legs.

The boy was visiting the owner of the pit bulls.  A neighbor jumped a fence and entered the home because he heard the toddler screaming.  Fire Dept Captain Bob Martin said the man probably saved the child's life.

The child's condition is unknown, but he is expected to survive.

At least one of the pit bulls remained in the owner's home.  Why?

One of the vicious pit bulls still at the owner's home
after the attack

A comment on the story:

Mrs. Leroy Goldberg • 2 hours ago
I rest my case. Last week, in my area, three incidents involving these dogs, all horrible pain inflicted on innocent people.
I detest this breed.

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