Jan 19, 2012 Luciano: Couple worried after vicious dog attack


PEORIA — ...Beverly hurried outside to see a tan pit bull atop the 19-pound George. The pit, who had clambered over the fence, had George pinned to the ground, teeth tearing into one of George's legs.
This is the second fine for Collier regarding the dog - a 4-year-old pit bull named Karma. In September, Collier was fined $125 for the same thing: Karma got loose and attacked another dog, across the street from the Hash home.
(The) county animal control department (will) be conducting a dangerous-dog investigation.
But that's pretty weak discipline, as Malmberg admits
Malmberg keeps pushing legislators for statutory changes, to make dog violations misdemeanors and felonies.

The other side:
Luciano: Rodents are Karma's appetite for destruction

Joshua Collier wants you to know his pit bull isn't vicious.  It eats rats, but not people.

An interesting comment about a boy attacked by a pit bull:
Thank you mrx for the website. I did read the information and feel that I am better educated about pit bulls. A pit bull attacked my nephew when he was 7 years old. He will be turning 18 in April. He has had 3 plastic surgeries to his face. His face looked like a rail road track with all the stitches. His face was so swollen that he was not recognisable. The dog belonged to his grandmother on his dads side. My sister sued her mother in law, my nephew will be getting a well deserved insurance settlement when he turns 18. What was my nephew doing to provoke the pit bull? He was lying on the floor in front of the television coloring. All pit bulls should be shot!

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