Dec 06, 2007 Pit bull severely mauls boy on Far South Side

Chicago – An 8-year-old boy in Chicago's Roseland neighborhood was mauled by a pit bull Wednesday afternoon and suffered severe injuries, officials said.

The Chicago Fire Department was called to the 10100 block of South State Street at 3:50 p.m. and found the child in critical condition, said Eve Rodriguez, assistant director of media affairs at the department.

Chicago Tribune  Accessed: 2012-02-20. (Archived by WebCite® at

Oct 23, 2007 City Looks at Putting Leash on Dangerous Dogs

Johnston City – Jim Mills was walking little 'Skippy' around their neighborhood.  They were just a block from home when Mills and Skippy were attacked by a neighbor's pit bull.

"He didn't look too friendly.  So I reached down and picked Skippy up in my arms.  And that dog jumped into the air and took Skippy and me to the ground.  It had my hands and my dog in it's mouth.  And I don't know how I got free, but that dog proceeded to kill my dog right there," said Jim Mills of Johnston City.

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Sep 25, 2007 Pit Bulls Invade Home Kill Pet Cat in Front of Children

Letter to the Editor:
I have been a long time supporter for the ASPCA, Humane Society and other animal-caring organizations.

When I read the story in the Pantagraph Sept. 19 about loose pit bulls breaking into the house and mauling one of their four helpless cats to death, while the mom and her children helplessly looked on, it made me so upset and angry.

We're always hearing of horror stories involving these pit bulls, mainly because of irresponsible owners who have given this breed their bad reputation. That's why in this small community, we need to make a example of this heart-breaking incident and hold the dog owners responsible for the grief they have caused this family, their children and the family's own pets.

What's the problem here, when responsible pet owners can't even keep their own pets safe in their own home?

This horrific incident by the way, happened in Meadows, which is only 10 miles down the road from us here in Chenoa.

This needs to be properly addressed in order to avoid any further pain, heartache and needless cruelty in the future, for those who cannot defend themselves! I am a concerned pet owner and loyal supporter of all our animal welfare organizations.

Cheryl A. Sievers

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List of Invasion Attacks

These are attacks where the dog invades a home, place of business, occupied building or securely enclosed yard expressly to attack.  Attacks in which the pit bull pulls another animal through their fence in an attempt to kill them are also considered invasion attacks.

Sep 11, 2007 Boy attacked by pit bull in front yard

“I’m just thankful it wasn’t his throat or eyes,” said Mr. Kollman, relieved his son’s injuries were not more serious. “That’s what those dogs are notorious for.”

Watson – A 6-year-old Watson boy had to undergo emergency surgery Sunday, after being attacked by a pit bull in the front yard of his residence.

Gina Kollman of Watson took her son, Jesse Kollman, to St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital, Effingham, early Sunday morning after a neighbor’s pet pit bull, owned by Brandon Welch and Kristi Higgs of Watson, allegedly bit him in the face, resulting in approximately 150 stitches from below his right eye down the side of his face to his lip. Jesse was in surgery for roughly 2 1/2 hours.

by Nicole Eversole
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Effingham Daily News  Accessed: 2012-02-25. (Archived by WebCite® at

Sep 03, 2007 Peoria Pit Bull Kills Poodle

Peoria - In truly absurd reporting, Central Illinois Proud uses 36 words and 156 characters to describe a pit bull attack in which the pit bull killed a small poodle and says that some people wonder if the breed should be banned.

CIProud doesn’t say how the attack happened, where it happened, if the dogs were leashed or owned for that matter.  The article doesn't say what happened to the pit bull or what authorities said would happen to the pit bull and owner (if there is one). The article says that some people wonder if the breed should be banned, but it doesn’t say who is doing the wondering or quote their thoughts on the subject

Then, CI Proud quotes and names a pit bull owner, seemingly picked at random, who, surprise!, thinks pit bulls are great.  Finally, CI Proud quotes the director of Peoria Animal Welfare, who spreads the lie that pit bulls make great pets because “it’s all how you raise them.”  CI Proud uses 211 words and 1007 characters to tell their readers that despite the fact that a pit bull killed a poodle, pit bulls make great pets.  You have to admit it’s a great strategy.  Since pit bulls attack so often, if you use every pit bull attack as a chance to tell people that pit bulls make great pets, they will absolutely be hearing that message A LOT (you know, because pit bulls attack so much).

The horrendous reporting is no longer online, but read for yourself:

Pit Bull Attack
A recent dog attack in Peoria involving a pit bull against a poodle resulted in the death of the smaller animal.
It's also caused some people to wonder if the pit bull breed should be banned.
While pit bulls have the reputation for being vicious animals, some say the owners, not the dogs, are the problem.
The Armitage family in Peoria has had pit bulls in their home for more than a decade, and they say the dogs get along
great with the girls. Sten-Eric Armitage says, “It's how you raise the animal and it's how you treat the dog that makes the
Lauren Malmberg, the director of the Peoria Animal Welfare Shelter (
agrees. She says, “Pit bulls are not by nature aggressive by nature any more than virtually any other dog is.”
Malmberg says pit bulls make up forty percent of the shelter's activity simply because a lot of people in the area happen
to have the breed. And pit bull owners aren't always responsible. She says, “We have a lot of dog-fighting in the area--
most of the time it's pet owners who pit their animals against each other to see who's the toughest dog.”
For those who advocate banning the breed, the problem is two-fold. First of all, it's against state law to do so. And
secondly, animal experts add it's not what kind of dog you have--it's how you care for it.
Armitage says, “I think pit-bulls are fantastic family dogs.”

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CI Proud (dead link)

Aug 15, 2007 Lawsuit: Pit Bull Attacked Girl at Birthday Party

Swansea - Shannon Peyla claims her 13-year-old daughter was attacked by a pit bull while attending a birthday party March 10 at Melvin Price Park in Swansea, according to a personal injury lawsuit filed against the dog’s owners.

Peyla filed the complaint against Troy Compton and Wanda Shea in St. Clair County Circuit Court on Aug. 14 claiming her daughter sustained multiple dog bite lacerations to her face resulting in permanent scarring as well as the loss of a front tooth.

Peyla claims the defendants brought the dog to the birthday party even though the same dog allegedly had bitten a child in October 2006.

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The Madison-St. Clair Record

August 06, 2007 Island Lake Pit Bull Attacked a Dog and Was Shot

Island Lake - Police shot and killed a pit bull after it attacked another dog that was being walked by a woman.

The pit bull attacked a 5-year-old Doberman pinscher June 27 near 215 Hickory St.

Police found the pit bull across the street, crouched in an attack position, when the officers fired on it, police Sgt. Tony Sciarrone said.

Jose Flores, 17, faces charges of keeping a vicious animal, allowing a dog at large, and allowing an animal to bite.

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Lake County Journal

Jul 14, 2007 Cops say dogs bred to kill

Raid shuts down major dog-fighting operation

By Matthew Walberg, Tribune staff reporter. Freelance reporter Wendy E. Normandy contributed to this report.

SOUTH HOLLAND - Dozens of fighting dogs -- many of them scarred, starved and scared -- were removed from a barn in South Holland on Friday in what officials described as a major bust of a high-end breeding and training operation.

"Today we made the largest seizure of dogs in the history of the state of Illinois," Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart said at a news conference outside the home of the dogs' owner, a 29-year-old man now facing felony charges related to dog fighting and animal cruelty.

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Jul 06, 2007 Eight pit bulls were seized and three arrested for dogfighting

In the first six months of 2007 at least 300 dogs were confiscated by the Chicago animal crimes unit, most of them were pit bull fighting dogs.  Chicago's animal control's policy is to try and adopt these hundreds of fighting dogs back into the community.

Chicago - Using a different strategy to combat suspected gang activity, Chicago police said Thursday they searched a Southwest Side home and arrested three individuals on suspicion of dogfighting.
Since the beginning of the year, at least 300 dogs have been confiscated by the unit, he said. The majority were pit bull terriers that showed signs of being used as fighting dogs, officers said.

More than a dozen individuals have been charged this year with felony dogfighting, police said.

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Jun 18, 2007 Joliet woman hospitalized in pit bull attack

Joliet - A Joliet woman attacked by two pit bulls was recovering at a hospital after suffering several bites that will require plastic surgery, according to officials and a relative.

The dogs attacked Stephanie Nielson, 23, about 11 p.m. Saturday in the 0-99 block of South Cagwin Avenue, Joliet Police Lt. Les O'Connor said. She was walking with her cousin, Erica Pantoja, when the attack happened, O'Connor said.

A nursing supervisor at Provena St. Joseph Medical Center in Joliet said Sunday evening that Nielson was in good condition. The dogs' owner, Ira Scott, was cited by animal control officials, O'Connor said. "For whatever reason, they were loose, they got out and attacked Ms. Nielson," O'Connor said. In an interview with CLTV, Pantoja said she and her cousin were coming home from watching fireworks late Saturday. When they got to Pantoja's driveway, the pit bulls ran out and attacked Nielson.

Nielson tried to fend off the dogs. Her cousin ran into the house to get help. Pantoja said the dogs ripped chunks out of Nielson's arm.

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Chicago Tribune

May 27, 2007 Elgin: Cop shot by fellow officer in Elgin

Pit bull killed after charging at police

Elgin - An Elgin police officer was shot in the leg by a fellow officer Thursday after a pit bull charged at them while they were trying to serve an arrest warrant, officials said.
The pit bull was killed by police gunfire.
Smith said Ericson, a nine-year veteran of the department, may have been struck by a ricochet.

By Mark Shuman and Amanda Marrazzo
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May 24, 2007 Pit bull euthanized after two attacks

RIVERSIDE — A pit bull that killed one dog and injured another in separate incidents last month in Riverside has been euthanized by order of the village's police chief, officials said Wednesday.

Chicago Tribune  Accessed: 2012-01-26. (Archived by WebCite® at

May 23, 2007 Beach Park Home Was Used For Dogfighting

Beach Park - Lake County sheriff's officers broke up a dogfighting operation in Beach Park and confiscated 16 pit bulls used for fighting.

Many of the dogs appeard to have been injured in dogfights.  A warrant was issued for the arrest of ANTHONY BROWN, 24, who had rented the house.

ANTHONY BROWN was convicted in 2004  of aggravated battery with a weapon.

The dogs were turned over to the Lake County Health Dept. and ten were euthanized.

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Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune

May 22, 2007 Bullet intended for pit bull hits bystander

Chicago - A Chicago police officer who was attacked by a pit bull on the South Side accidentally shot a person while trying to shoot the dog early Monday, authorities said.

Chicago Tribune

May 10, 2007 Crystal Lake Pit Bull Breaks Out of Home to Attack Labrador

Owner puts pit bull down after attack on other dog

Crystal Lake— A 3-year-old pit bull was euthanized Wednesday, a day after it broke through a patio screen door in Crystal Lake and attacked a Labrador retriever, according to police and a relative of the pit bull's owner.

The incident happened about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, when the pit bull, Shady, charged into an apartment in the 300 block of First Court and attacked the 11-year-old lab owned by Cristina Orton, Crystal Lake police said.
"We had to do it," Paulsen said. "We were told petitions were being signed, that the neighborhood was afraid. We called every pit bull rescue we could find, but no one would help. It was the only thing we could do."

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Chicago Tribune

May 05, 2007 Urbana Pit Bull Invades Home Attacks 85-year-old for 30 minutes, Breaks Her Back

Urbana – At three in the morning, when 85 year old Margaret Winkelmann opened the door to let her little dog out, a "sleek, well-fed" pit bull rushed into their home and launched a 30 minute bloody attack.

Margaret's back was broken and Gandy, their little cocker spaniel mix was hospitalized for 4 days.

The News Gazette  Accessed: 2012-03-07. (Archived by WebCite® at

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List of Invasion Attacks
These are attacks where the dog invades a home, place of business, occupied building or securely enclosed yard expressly to attack.  Attacks in which the pit bull pulls another animal through their fence in an attempt to kill them are also considered invasion attacks.  Invasion attacks by dogs other than pit bulls are virtually non-existent.

Mar 19, 2007 Postal Service delivers warning about dogs Mail can be suspended if carrier feels threatened


Danville – Postal carriers have been the target of three attacks by dogs in three months.

“We seem to have more than we ever had,” Danville Postmaster Michael R. Hicks said.

All three incidents involved bites by pit bulls, who all were euthanized, but other breeds cause problems, as well.
“There are quite a few problems,” Adams said. “We’ve got to do something.”

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Mar 15, 2007 Attacks By Pit Bull Dogs Reported To Smithton Board

Smithton - Residents of the Field Stone Subdivision spoke to the Smithton village Board about two recent pit bull attacks.  One attack was an invasion attack.  A neighbor's pit bull attacked and then followed the victim into his home through the kitchen door.

The victim said that after the pit bull entered her home, her kids became  afraid to go outside, and her toddler was even afraid to go near the door the pit bull invaded through.  Her older child was afraid to walk their five-month old dachshund.  She started a petition to ban pit bulls and rottweilers.

Another resident reported that her son had also been attacked right after they moved in.  She lamented that they thought their move to Smithton was going to be to a safer community and she is very upset that the Village has let her down.

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The Freeburg Trib, Freeburg, IL, Mar 15, 2007, vol 108, no. 25, p. 1

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List of Invasion Attacks
These are attacks where the dog invades a home, place of business, occupied building or securely enclosed yard expressly to attack.  Attacks in which the pit bull pulls another animal through their fence in an attempt to kill them are also considered invasion attacks.  Invasion attacks by dogs other than pit bulls are virtually non-existent.

Mar 14, 2007 Pit Bull Attack - Call for Outlawing Pit Bulls

by: Charles Vance

Danville – A man in Danville is recovering tonight after being attacked by two pit bulls.
Fisher says he fought for several minutes to get away from the dogs, eventually climbing between a van and a fence, standing helpless and bleeding while the dogs jumped at him from below.
[The owner] said they are good dogs and he has no idea what could have caused the attack
The director [of the Humane Society] added they are seeing a significant increase in the number of calls about pit bulls, about two a day now, and he wants to see the dogs outlawed.

A followup article states that the dog was deemed dangerous after the unprovoked, off property human bite, but that the owners could get the dogs back per Anna's law.  Neighbors are upset the dog will be back in the neighborhood with an obviously oblivious owner.

Illinois Homepage - Pit Bull Attack
(Archived by WebCite® at
Illinois Homepage - Pit bull returned

Feb 28, 2007 Owner of three pit bulls sentenced to jail, fines for dog attack

"Mr. Davis the owner of three pit bull terriers that ran onto Mr. Mascari's property June 30 and tore apart his 14-year-old German shepherd, was sentenced to 120 days in the Henry County Jail and placed on 18 months of conditional discahrge by Judge Dana McReynolds.

Mr. Davis was also ordered to pay$1,494 to the county for housing his pit bulls after they attacked Mr. Mascari's dog, and fined $1,000.

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Quad-Cities Online
Quad-Cities Online (Archived by WebCite® at

Feb 26, 2007 Dog Attack Sends Woman to Hospital

Naperville - Police are considering filing criminal charges against a woman following an incident, in which the dog she was walking allegedly attacked and mauled two smaller dogs and repeatedly bit their owner and a good samaritan.

By Bill Bird
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Feb 22, 2007 Neighbors rescue girl attacked by pit bull

Chicago – Hanna Walker felt helpless as she and several neighborhood children continued to strike a pit bull that had her 5-year-old "niece" clenched in its jaws Wednesday morning.

Despite repeated wallops with a wooden mop handle and screams from the school children standing nearby, the dog did not let go of Zaria Junius' scalp and shook the kindergartner violently, witnesses said.

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Chicago Tribune  Accessed: 2012-02-28. (Archived by WebCite® at

Feb 07, 2007 Park Forest Woman Demands Action After Pitbull Attacked Her Dogs

Park Forest - A Park Forest woman is claiming village police slighted her after what she said was a "vicious" pit bull attack on her border collies.

Karine Mielczarek said she was walking her dogs Jan. 27 near an open field at Blackhawk Drive and Suwanee Street when the pit bulls "took on" her male dog and "pounced" on her female dog.

"They were taking her apart," Mielczarek said. "I was kicking them and punching them and screaming at the top of my lungs and finally the owner came out and peeled him off my dog."

Mielczarek said she then "drove like a maniac," to the veterinary hospital. "They were all cut up, bloody, with stitches," she said. Mielczarek also noted her finger was "nicked" during the incident.

The alleged attacking female pit bull was neither spayed nor up to date on its rabies shot, community service officer Tracy Gibson said. If the dog isn't up to date on its rabies shot, the law requires the dog to be impounded for a mandatory 10 days of rabies observation, she said. If the dog is up to date with its rabies shot, the law still requires a veterinarian to observe the animal twice in 10 days for rabies, she said.

Officials said the attacking dog was deemed obedient, "extremely well trained," and not vicious or subject to euthanasia. "By accident, they happened to slip out and the female, being in heat, it was instinctual (for the dog) to find a mate," Gibson said. "I know that it's not anything malicious."

Gibson said she is disputing Mielczarek's version of the incident. "(The pit bull owner) said the lady is laying on top of her dog on the ground trying to shelter her dog from his dog," Gibson said. "In the meantime, his dog and the lady's other dog are just running around in the field. Not fighting, never making contact."

Since the incident, Mielczarek said she called the Park Forest Police Department for daily updates on the attack, the pit bull owner and liability reimbursement.

Both police and Mielczarek said the pit bull owner agreed to cover Mielczarek's veterinary bills, already totaling $550. "They should at least call me and let me know what's going on," Mielczarek said. "I'm the victim here, OK, and my dog is the victim and I've had to call every day."

Gibson said she has wholly completed her policing duty regarding the attack. "All I need to do is take down information, do my report and report it to county," Gibson said.

"I explained to her that if she wanted some other thing to happen that she would have to contact a lawyer and sue him because it's not the police department's responsibility to be banging on a door, asking him for money."

Mielczarek is also urging the village to pass an ordinance governing pit bulls.

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Daily Southtown
Go Pit Bull

Feb 02, 2007 Pit bulls to be put down for attack on carrier

Danville – Two pit bull dogs are to be euthanized today after a municipal court hearing officer ruled the dogs to be vicious following an attack on veteran letter carrier Wendy Hoskins in December.

by Pam G. Dempsey
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Postal worker files suit in pitbull attack - Dogs injure carrier as she delivered mail

Danville — A local postal worker is seeking thousands of dollars in relief from the owners of two dogs that attacked her as she worked.

by Brian L. Huchel
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The Commercial-News  Accessed: 2011-12-27. (Archived by WebCite® at