Jun 01, 2011 Pit bulls on the prowl? Residents express concern over dangerous dogs

Freeport - Freeport resident Joann Farnsworth, who has lived on West Broadway Avenue for over a decade, said she is very concerned about dangerous dogs in her neighborhood.

Last October, two loose pit bulls attacked her miniature schnauzer, Avery. The dog nearly died during the attack, and Farnsworth said Avery would have been killed if two Freeport police officers hadn’t arrived on the scene.
Hail has lived in the 400 block of West Broadway for the past 18 years. Until recently, however, the presence of pit bulls has not been a big concern.

“To me it is a new problem, probably within the last year or so,” she said.
And as the presence of dangerous dogs continues to grow, the sense of urgency is escalating in Freeport.

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