Jun 24, 2004 Pit Bull Used as Weapon in Bowling Alley

An unknown offender was driving through the parking lot of Diversey River Bowl at “reckless speed.” The offender got into an argument with a 30-year-old man in the parking lot. The argument ended but minutes later the offender returned and unleashed a pitbull dog on him. The offender then struck him in the head with an unknown object, possibly a tire iron. The victim left the scene, went home and later called police. He refused medical attention despite the gash on his scalp. The attack took place at approximately 10:30pm on June 17.

The previous information was compiled, with permission, from the Chicago Police Department’s 14th District review files. Not all incidents that occurred are listed. Anyone named in reports has only been charged with a crime an cases have not been adjudicated.

Jun 09, 2004 Suburb wants to kill pit bull

Judge to decide if it has the right

By Rachel Osterman, Tribune staff reporter.

A pit bull killed two of Josephine Zylkowski's three tiny Maltese dogs and left the 71-year-old Hoffman Estates woman afraid to leave her home.

Now a Cook County judge will hear arguments about whether that sudden attack, the violent end to Zylkowski's afternoon stroll through her neighborhood on May 5, gives the village the right to kill the pit bull, which owner Victor Sandoval contends is just a family pet.

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Jun 05, 2004 Father, Son Guilty In Dogfight Case

Lake County — A father and son were sentenced to community service and ordered to pay $9,000 to Lake County Animal Control after pleading guilty Friday to cruelty to animals for staging dogfights.

Jason Mitsias, 29, and Arthur Mitsias, 61, of the 500 block of Ridge Circle, Streamwood, were charged in September 2002 with nine counts of animal cruelty. Jason Mitsias also was charged with possession of equipment for dog fighting. All charges were misdemeanors.

Authorities found 15 malnourished pit bulls near Wadsworth. A sheriff's deputy shot one dog to death at the site in the 16700 block of Wadsworth Road. Lake County animal control officers took the rest. Two were stolen from the county's animal control facility in Mundelein, nine were put to sleep, and the others were adopted.

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