Apr 08, 2016 McHenry Pit Bull Attacks Guide Dog

McHenry - Adria Hanus is legally blind and took a walk with her guide dog named Cassie on March 29 when Cassie was attacked by a pit bull that SLIPPED OUT OF A PRONG COLLAR.
Illinois Pit Bull Attack Victims Adria Hanus and Cassie the Guide Dog
The pit bull latched onto Cassie’s neck and would not let go until the pit bull’s owner, TERRY BROCK, got the pit off Cassie.

The pit bull owner said the pit bull just wanted to play.  (It did: it wanted to play kill the dog)  Also, BROCK believes Cassie is at fault for growling at the pit bull flying at her.  That is to say, the pit bull owner is blaming Cassie for using instinctive, normal canine warning communication that is intended to avoid conflict.

Hanus has stopped taking walks out of fear and anxiety and does not know if Cassie will be able to go back to work as a guide dog again.

Meanwhile, the pit bull owners TERRY and MICHELLE BROCK are mouthing platitudes and making excuses and not acknowledging at all that they have cost a woman with a disability her freedom, sense of safety and security or that Cassie is not just a pet.  If Cassie is unable to work, I hope they’ll fork over the $20,000 it costs to replace her.

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