Sep 25, 2007 Pit Bulls Invade Home Kill Pet Cat in Front of Children

Letter to the Editor:
I have been a long time supporter for the ASPCA, Humane Society and other animal-caring organizations.

When I read the story in the Pantagraph Sept. 19 about loose pit bulls breaking into the house and mauling one of their four helpless cats to death, while the mom and her children helplessly looked on, it made me so upset and angry.

We're always hearing of horror stories involving these pit bulls, mainly because of irresponsible owners who have given this breed their bad reputation. That's why in this small community, we need to make a example of this heart-breaking incident and hold the dog owners responsible for the grief they have caused this family, their children and the family's own pets.

What's the problem here, when responsible pet owners can't even keep their own pets safe in their own home?

This horrific incident by the way, happened in Meadows, which is only 10 miles down the road from us here in Chenoa.

This needs to be properly addressed in order to avoid any further pain, heartache and needless cruelty in the future, for those who cannot defend themselves! I am a concerned pet owner and loyal supporter of all our animal welfare organizations.

Cheryl A. Sievers

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