Mar 23, 2013 Luciano: Peoria Pit bull kills yorkshire terrier

Peoria - A pit bull escapes its yard, charges a 70 year old woman walking her leashed yorkshire terrier and kills it.  The 6 pound yorkie, Little Bear, attempted to defend his owner before the pit bull quickly broke his neck.
RIP Little Bear
Please understand how abnormal this is.  Most dogs, even if they are inclined to chase little animals, are deterred by the presence of a person standing right there.  It was not normal, typical, or usual that pet dogs were killed while out on a walk on a leash in a residential neighborhood before pit bulls came on the scene.

The pit bull owner SERGIO MOLINA-GARCIA had allowed the pit to escape several times in the past and one time it had chased an elderly man.  It also had bitten a visitor inside the owner's home.  And there were reports on the previous aggression and biting.

Read Luciano's in depth description of what this little guy, Little Bear, meant to his family and about the horror of losing him to a completely unprovoked, off property, gruesome attack that came out of nowhere.

Know that you must always sign the complaint for a pit bull running loose because you don't know the violent history that pit might have.  That is being a good neighbor to the rest of the neighborhood.

And advocate for pit bull regulation.  Peoria is a home rule city.  Peoria can ban or regulate pit bull ownership and require responsibility.  It must be done.  The history on this pit bull before it killed a leashed dog with its owner is a perfect illustration of why pit bulls must be regulated to prevent killings like this.

Know that pit bulls are killing many small dogs on walks, in their own yards and even inside their homes across Illinois and the nation.  How many of our little pets, our companions, our family must die before we pay attention and regulate pit bulls?

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