Sep 06, 2012 Oak Forest Dog Owner: 'Neighbor's Pit Bull Killed My Dog'

RIP Powder

Oak Forest - Bonnie Fouts-Bell, owner of two American Eskimo dogs, was horrified to find that her 15 year old male, Powder, was in the neighbor's yard with the neighbor's pit bull.  Powder had been so severely mauled, the pit bull broke his neck, that the had to be euthanized.

The veterinarian that saw Powder after the mauling said that he believed Powders injuries were consistent with being dragged under the fence, but could not state this with certainty.

Even though the owner of the pit bull, RAUL BUSTOS, was not at home at the time, having left the pit bull unattended in the yard all day, he feels that the 15 year old dog must have wriggled under the fence into his yard to be killed by the pit bull.

BUSTOS also criticizes Power's owner because she has sprayed both her dogs and his dog when they have barking matches at the fence.  An interesting question to pose to BUSTOS would be "What did you do to stop the barking at the fence?"

Police chief Greg Anderson said that they could only send letters of recommendations to the owners to prevent the pit bull from killing again.  Anderson told Bouts-Bell that it is she who should make her fence pit bull proof.

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