Nov 16, 2012 Dog attacked by pit bull then fatally shot by police

Champaign - While attempting to save a labrador that was being attacked by a pit bull, police accidentally shot the labrador.

The victim dog was an exceedingly well-trained, gentle labrador retriever that was a beloved and cherished pet.  The owner's daughter had to witness a protracted attack by an aggressive pit bull and then see her dog shot dead.

The young woman was walking her dog on a leash when a pit bull ran up to them for the express purpose of attacking her dog.  The woman and another person tried to kick the pit bull off the lab, but when police arrived, the pit bull was still attacking the lab.

In an attempt to kill the pit bull and save the labrador, a police officer accidentally fatally shot the labrador.

The story on Illinois headlines this as a dog fight when it is revealed that the victim dog was an exceedingly well-trained, gentle dog.  This was NOT a dog fight.  This was an attack by a fighting breed dog on a beloved, cherished and well-trained pet in a supposedly civilized society.

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