Jun 03, 2009 Pit Bull Attack on little boy

Champaign – The attack happened at the Tuscany Ridge Apartment complex off Pomona Drive Tuesday night. Witnesses say a man was trying to tear a pit bull over a child and another dog was on the loose. They said they heard a child scream and saw a little boy fighting for his life. A pit bull was going after him. Samantha Brandts dad managed to pull the dog off the little boy. Hes okay, but in the process the dog bit her dad. Thankfully police showed up minutes later. They shot the pit bull without killing him and took control of the mix breed too. Those who watched this scene unfold say theyre lucky no one was seriously hurt. "Im just thankful that all the kids are safe and that my dad actually was a hero today and saved them from attacking any kids," said Samantha Brandt. "I know how dangerous pit bulls can be…"

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