Sep 13, 2012 Berwyn pit bulls attack woman, police officer and kill small dog

UPDATE: Sep 19, 2012
Berwyn police had issued at least 29 citations to the owners of the pit bull that killed a small dog in the two years previous to the attack.  NORMA ARGUETA and FERNANDO TREVINO of 2640 Ridgeland ave. had abused their dogs, terrorized their neighborhood, failed to pay their fines, and Berwyn police failed to take the pit bulls away before a small dog was killed and the owner sent to the emergency room.

Berwyn - A pit bull crawled under a fence to attack a small dog being walked by a woman.  The woman was attacked when she tried to protect her dog.  The small dog was killed.

When police arrived, instead of immediately shooting the pit bull, police attempted to capture it and a police officer was also injured.  Once police had determined that the pit bull was extremely aggressive and an "immediate threat to everyone in the area," police fatally shot it.

At the same time, a second pit bull jumped over a five foot fence and was also fatally shot.

Police Chief James Ritz said that the pit bulls were very aggressive and it was a very dangerous situation.  Police are looking at charging the pit owners, but does not yet know if the charges will be criminal charges or local dog ordinance charges.

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