May 21, 2012 Skokie considers stricter law after 3 pit bull-on-dog attacks

The proposals include increased fines (which have not worked in Elgin), and  several mandates that would not kick in until after the dog had already mauled and/or killed.  Skokie is not presently considering any solutions that would directly target the pit bull problem.

Skokie - Skokie is considering putting a lot more bite in its ordinance pertaining to "vicious animals" after three dog-on-dog attacks involving pit bulls in the last two months left three pets dead.
Counard said the three attacks were an April 29 incident in which a Skokie dog got loose, crossed into neighboring Morton Grove and killed another dog; a March 13 incident in which another pit bull attacked and killed a small dog that was being walked near Madison Street and Kostner Avenue; and an incident earlier in March in which a third pit bull killed a dog.

By Brian L. Cox
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