May 22, 2012 Chicago Police warn of Vicious Pit bull on the loose in neighborhood

Chicago - Vicous Pitbull Loose Cortland and Central Park

ADDED MAY 22 2012
Went to walk the dogs and a CPD car pulled next to me to warn that calls have been coming in today that a viscous pit bull on the loos has been spotted by several callers around Cortland and Central Park
T. D.
Thanks for the info.!!!
It's not the first time someone's pit was on the loose. There have been complaints and problems in that area and the area closer to the YMCA about a pit that has attacked other people's dogs. The need to catch that thing!!!
8-year resident of Logan Square
A sticky pittie. My goodness.
Any word on the dog's description, or what it's done to earn that particular adjective?
Cops words, not mine. No idea, but I know the type, they are no joke and they will go after you viscously. God forbid a child stands no chance.
I am pretty sure I have a good idea who it is, but I don't trust putting that info online, lets just say based off your comment that you have a good idea too if you walk between Pulaski and Central Park on a weekly basis

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