May 17, 2012 Aggressive Pit Bulls Argyle x Keystone in Chicago

Chicago - Has anyone had issues with these dogs? I do know the owner's name and address. These dogs are vicious and out of control. Apparently the owner is unconcerned about the threat his dogs pose to the neighborhood, children, and other dogs. These dogs were involved in a vicious attack on an elderly dog being walked. All dogs were on leashes. BUT the pit's were being walked by teens who had no ability to control them when they attack another dog. Do you live in this area? Have you been harassed by these animals? Have your dogs been attacked? Have you been attacked? If you have had any run-ins with these dogs Please call 911 and your Alderman. These dogs have jumped the fence on numerous occasions. And please, do not bother with the "all pits are not bad". these dogs are killers and the next thing they decide to rip to pieces might be you or your child.

Everyblock Chicago