Oct 25, 2012 Boomington couple attacked by pit bulls, hospitalized with very serious injuries

Bo, the mauling pit bull, the incompetent pit bull owner
SHANIE DOSS and her other pit bull
UPDATE: Connie Ljams remained in the hospital five days after she was attacked by SHANIE DOSS' pit bull.  She was initially listed in critical condition, but has since been upgraded.  The aftermath of this mauling has ruined Connie and her husband, Scott's, plans for Christmas.  The emotional and physical trauma will be long lasting, but both Connie and Scott are grateful to an unknown man whose actions may have saved their lives.

Bloomington - A bloomington couple delivering phone books to an apartment building were mauled by  pit bulls that rushed out of the building as the couple approached.  First responders say there was a lot of blood on the ground and the victims' injuries are very serious and both were taken to the hospital.

Watch video of owner SHANIE DOSS describing the attack here.

Bloomington has regular problems with pit bulls and the issue of enacting BSL to protect residents came up most recently this spring in May.

The McLean County Animal Control is going to evaluate the dogs to determine if they're "safe enough to bring home."

For their story, the Pantagraph asked a local no kill shelter to voice their opinion on BSL with predictable reponse.

Bloomington aldermen and the mayor ought to look at some of the over 500 towns and cities that have enacted successful pit bull laws across the US.

Pit Bull Laws Save Lives

Lancaster, CA found that instituting a pit bull ban helped lower gang crime as well as dog attacks.

Pawtucket, RI with a similar size population to Bloomington, has found enormous success with their legislation:

"Holmes says he predicted that it would take two years for Pawtucket to experience the full benefit of the law after it was passed, but the results were actually apparent in half the time.
"It's working absolutely fantastic," said Holmes. "We have not had a pit bull maiming in the city since December of 2004."

The Pawtucket ban is so successful, neighboring Woonsocket is working to institute their own ban.

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