Oct 18, 2012 Pit bull that attacks elderly woman and her dog is shot dead

File photo of another lab attacked by a pit bull with extensive injuries
which are almost exactly like those described in this attack.
Evanston - A woman in her 70s and her labrador retriever mix were attacked by a pit bull.  The attack was protracted and when police arrived the pit bull had cornered the lab in a vestibule, and was still attacking it.

A neighbor attempted to stop the pit bull by throwing a brick paver at it, but that did not faze the pit bull.  When police arrived, the lab was bleeding heavily and the pit bull was STILL attacking it and the elderly owner.

The owner was bitten multimple times in the leg, and the labrador retriever mix had extensive bites on the neck, back, shoulder and leg.  Police shot and killed the attacking pit bull.

The owner of the pit bull has been identified and will probably be cited after the animal Warden has collected evidence.

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Sun Times
ABC local  Accessed: 2012-12-13. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/6CsygdCyE)

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