Mar 26, 2015 Oswego Pit Bull Attacked Girl and Killed Dog

Oswego - “Police responded to the area on Willowwood Drive near Burr Oak Drive for a call of a dog bite with a possible dog-kill, Police Chief Jeff Burgner said.

He said three dogs had gotten loose from a residence, one of which attacked another dog that was being walked. The other two dogs were not directly involved in the attack, according to police.

Burgner added that Miceli's daughter had her dog on a leash when the dog ran up and attacked her and Rocky.

"It appears from what we gathered one of the people at the residence had the door open to go inside and the dogs got out," Burgner said.

Miceli says that his daughter scooped up her dog but the pit bull bit her causing her to drop Rocky. He added that the pit bull then killed their dog. Before dragging it away.

"Everything happened so fast. I tried to take the dog from her but she was holding him too tight," he recalled. "Rocky came loose and he didn't even put up a fight.

Miceli said that his daughter was bit in the right elbow and wrist but not seriously injured.

"Physically she is going to be OK. We got her to the ER and she was treated and X-rayed. To the best of my knowledge the dog was current on its vaccinations including rabies," he said, adding that he is more worried about the psychological effect of the attack on his daughter.”

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