Feb 27, 2015 Lawsuit: Tenants Claim Landlord’s Pit Bull Attacked Their Lab In Backyard

Chicago - A Chicago couple is suing their landlord over claims his Pit Bull attacked their Labrador in their shared backyard on the day they moved in, causing injuries to them and their dog.

On that day, the suit says, the Clearys moved into a the second floor apartment in a two-flat building in the 3600 block of North Tripp Avenue that Weinberg owned and lived in. They say Weinberg had a Pit Bull and they had a Lab and a Chihuahua.

While Weinberg told them his dog was friendly and harmless, the plaintiffs claim the Pit attacked their Lab after Tiffany Cleary and her dogs came into the backyard following a walk. The suit says Weinberg’s dog was unleashed and latched onto the Lab’s neck.

While trying to pry the Pit Bull off their Lab, David Cleary claims he sustained a puncture wound to his left hand and Tiffany Cleary claims she suffered neck and back injuries. They also claim their dog sustained neck wounds and they suffered post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders as a result of the incident.

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