Apr 25, 2016 Englewood Pit Bulls Shot, Killed After Attacking a Woman and Her Poodle

Chicago - While a growing number of news outlets around the country are starting to take the issue of pit bull attacks seriously, the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Suntimes reporting is stuck in the “pit bulls before people” style.  The headlines in the two major local news outlets mentioned that pit bulls were shot by police without giving one hint about the people the pit bulls were menacing or attacking as if it were more important to know that pit bulls were shot than to know that pit bulls attacked and hurt people.

Fox 32 actually reported some facts, went to the scene and interviewed neighbors most of whom were glad the police got rid of the pit bulls.  The police were called because a woman walking her poodle were attacked, and she ran into a store for safety.  

We know that one pit bull was shot at the scene, the other ran away and then was found and shot dead.  We know no one was hurt.  We know that the pit bulls’ owner has not been found.   We don’t know if the surviving pit bull will be put down.  Most importantly, we don’t know how many pit bulls are shot by police in Chicago in a year.  We don’t know that other pit bulls weren’t shot by police on the very same day.  And we don’t know why this shooting ended up in the news and another one didn’t.

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