Oct 18 2013 Chicago pit bulls severely maul woman and kills her chihuahua

Chicago - A Calumet Heights woman is Stroger Hospital in critical condition as a result of three pit bulls attacking her and attacking and killing her chihuahua.  A witness said that the victim was taking her chihuahua for a walk in the alley when the three pit bulls escaped containment and launched a lethal, unprovoked, off property attack on the woman and chihuahua.

The witness says that the pit bulls had flayed the woman from her ankle to her knee - removing all the skin.  This is a type of horrific injury virtually unique to pit bull attacks.

The owner of the dogs was also taken to the hospital for bites she received trying, with others to beat the dogs off with bricks and boards.  The owner says she's not a bad person, that she's sorry, and that the pit bulls were her and her children's protection.

In an unusual move for Chicago animal control, they removed the pit bulls on the same day as the attack.  And it is reported that the pit bull owner will receive some tickets for flaying a woman alive.

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NBC  Accessed: 2013-10-20. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/6KV8tEp95)

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