Mar 14, 1892 Chicago A Vicious Bulldog Attacks and Lacerates Its Master

A vicious Bull-dog Attacks and Lacerates Its Master
A Terrible Struggle
Volna White, an athletic young man and a teamster by occupation, is lying at the County Hospital with his face scratched and bitten in a terrible manner and his hands so badly lacerated that he will probably lose the use of the right one.

His wounds are the result of the terrific fight that he had with a bull-dog in his room at No. 80 south Peoria street Sunday morning.  The dog has always been his friend and protected him while he slept at night.  But yesterday their friendship was severed when the master walked into the room.  The dog was lying beside the stove.  He gave the dog a kick and in an instant as if to resent the treatment, the animal jumped at his master and buried his fangs in his throat.

"Get off, Tige," cried White.  "Help, help; he's killing me," and he tried to shake off the now maddened brute.  There was no one in the room at the time, and White was at the dog's mercy.  The battle was a short one, and but for the intervention of a policeman White would probably have been killed.  The scuffling in the room and the loud barking of the dog attracted the attention of the officer, who, running into the house, found the man lying on the floor with the dog biting his face.  One bullet was sufficient to end the dog's existence, and he dropped dead with a piece of White's ear in his mouth.

Half unconscious, the injured man, with his face and hand badly torn, the flesh hanging from his hands and half the clothing torn from his body, was conveyed to the County Hospital, where he may die.

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