Dec 14, 1895 Chicago Saloon Keeper Attacked by His Own Bulldog

Owner Is Terribly Bitten-Shoots Animal at Short Range

Chicago - J. Parrittie, a saloon-keeper at No. 259 DesPlaines street, was attacked by a bulldog in his saloon yesterday afternoon and severely bitten before the animal could be killed.  The dog had always been considered harmless, and, when it refused to obey its master yesterday, he started to whip it.  The animal at once leaped at him.

Parrittie threw out his hands to ward it off, and the dog seized him by the right hand, lacerating it badly.  The saloon-keeper attempted to run; but the animal leaped at him again, and buried his teeth in the man's side.  While he struggled with the animal, his face and neck were scratched and bitten.

Bartender Paul Lucas succeeded in getting a revolver into Parrittie's hand, and he placed the weapon near the animal's mouth.  The dog drew back and was preparing for another attack, when Parrittie fired.  Twelve shots were required before the animal was finally killed.  A physician was called, and Parrittie's wounds were cauterized.

Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL, December 14, 1895 vo. XXIV, Issue: 265, p. 7