Feb 03, 1882 Chicago Cannibalistic dogs

Two Stories, One of Them Particularly Distressing, of Their Taste for Human Flesh.

Chicago - Olaf Aome posesses a couple of vicious dogs, a bulldog and a fox-hound, which have long been the terror of the neighborhood of Waubansia avenue and Dobey street.  Yesterday afternoon they rushed from the premises of their owner and attacked Miss eliza Roberson and four young children of Officer Dewey of No. 590 North Robey street.  One of the children escaped by running into a harness shop, another fainted on the sidewalk and was left undisturbed, while Alice, 9 years old, was seized by one of the canines and dragged across the street.  Miss Roberson wrapped Sarah, the youngest, in the folds of her dress, and was attacked by the bull-dog which tore her dress and made desperate attempts to get at the little one.

A cry of "mad dog" was raised, and several who essayed to assist the party in distress were particular not to get too close.  A milkman, who was passing, seeing the danger of the defenseless lady and the children, jumped from his wagon with a rawhide and belabored the dogs till they were glad to get back to their kennels.  Mr. Aome has promised to killed the dogs, though they are great pets.  A short time ago he killed a dog for biting a child in the neighborhood.

About 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon Olaf Keller, a street laborer, complained at the Madison Street Station of two vicious dogs belonging to a mane named Buehler, living at No. 18 Elizabeth street.  Keller's hands which were badly cut and lacerated his clothing which was torn, an ugly gash in his left arm, and a similar bite in the calf of the left leg, attested the desperate nature of a struggle with the dogs.  He said he was at work on elizabeth street with the dogs attacked him, and though he fought them hard the pair managed to bite him several times, inflicting serious, but it is not thought dangerous wounds.  Lieutenant Lablum, accompanied by an officer, went to the scene and practiced pistol-shooting, finally killing the dogs.

Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago, IL) February 3, 1882, page 2