Apr 27, 1910 A Chicago Girl's Kick Kills a Bulldog

With One Blow From Her Boot She Kills A Bulldog

Chicago - With one kick of her right foot Mildred Wilson, of West Randolph street, this morning broke the neck of a large bulldog that attacked her on the way home from a nearby store.  Miss Wilson, who is a slender girl, 10 years old, has been practicing stage dancing, and to this she gives the credit of having been able to ward off the attacks of the animal.

She was returning from the store with her harms full of bundles when the dog rushed at her.  She jumped to one side.  Before the dog could attack her again, Miss Wilson was prepared, and as the animal jumped, she swung her right foot, which was encased in a heavy walking shoe, against the dog's chin, much in the manner in which a football player kicks a goal.

The dog gave an agonized yelp and dropped in its tracks dead.  No sooner had the girl realized what she had done than she began to cry out of sympathy for the animal that attacked her.

Baltimore American, Baltimore, MD, April 27, 1910, p. 1