Jun 23, 1892 Chicago Family Bulldog Kills Child in Terrible Attack

Chicago-Little Herman Kronkaw, the 2-year-old son of Charles Kronkaw, a car coupler on the Clybourne avenue line of the North Chicago Street Railway Company, and living at No. 233 East North avenue, was frightfully mangled Monday afternoon by a large English bull terrier.  The child was accustomed to play with the dog, and Monday afternoon while Mrs. Kronkaw was at work in the kitchen he was taken into the dining-room where the animal was asleep.
Suddenly Mrs. Kronkaw was startled by a cry from her baby.  She rushed into the dining-room and was horrified when she saw her child bleeding from several wounds on his head.  Standing over him was the dog apparently making ready for another attack.  The frantic mother rushed to the child and as she did so the dog made another plunge at him fastening its teeth on the right side of the baby's head.
The mother was unable to release the boy but her loud cries for help brought assistance.  Several neighbors rushed into the house and rescued the unconscious child from further injury.
A physician was summoned and he dressed the wounds.  It was found that there were seven ugly wounds on the child's head, one of which was nearly two inches in length and required five stitches to close it.  The child can not recover.

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