Aug 01, 2012 Pit bull kills small dog in Villa Park, owner cited

 The question is: What kind of community do we want to live in?  One that safeguards and protects children and pets?  Or one that values dogs that are an immediate threat to living things if they escape their yard over children?  The way local governments respond to tragedies like this will answer that question.  Who wants to live in a community that values pit bulls over children and gentle pets? 
 If he wants to do something for me, he should get rid of his dog because now I’m afraid for the kids in our neighborhood. I don’t want that dog in our neighborhood.  Julie Ketter
Beloved Daisy was attacked and killed in front of Delaney Ketter, 11, and several other children

Daisy, a 3 year old bichon frise-poodle mix, was killed by a pit bull
 on Sunday in Villa Park. photo courtesy of Julie Ketter

Julie Ketter says that all the children in her Villa Park neighborhood knew her dog, Daisy.

Kids often would play with the 3-year-old bichon frise-poodle mix. Young girls would even dress the small dog like a doll and push her around in a baby stroller.

“Daisy would just let them do whatever,” Ketter said. “She was kind of the neighborhood dog.”

Daisy was with a small group of children on Sunday morning when she was attacked and killed by a pit bull that came from a neighboring backyard. The kids, including Ketter’s 11-year-old daughter, witnessed the fatal confrontation, which also left a young girl with minor injuries.

by Robert Sanchez
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