Jan 15, 2015 Kankakee Rescued Stray Pit Bull Mix Bites Child

UPDATE - A look at this irresponsible pit bull fanatic's facebook pages shows that she has a menagerie of animals including birds, rats and dogs, but begs for money to pay the insurance deductible for her daughter's health care.  Also - she fostering another pit bull - this one straight off the chain and supposedly not fed well and she lets her daughter hug on its neck.

Kankakee - A woman who took in a stray pit bull mix she named Comet and let sleep in her bed the first night she had it, wanted to keep the pit bull even though it attacked a neighbor child a week after she got it.

The pit bull mix was so highly aggressive at animal control the woman was told it must be put down, though she had wished to bring the pit bull back to her home to be with her children.

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