Jun 26, 2014 Vernon Hills Pit Bull Attacks Woman and Dog

UPDATE: This pit bull attack that required police to kill the pit bull was only the second time a Vernon Hills police officer has fired a weapon in public.

The pit bull's owner has been located.  She says the pit bull pushed past her through an open door as she was about to take the pit bull for a walk.

She was charged with having a stray dog and maintaining a vicious animal, police said. She is next scheduled to appear in court in Mundelein on Aug. 14.
Vernon Hills - Another little dog and its owner were attacked by a pit bull while they were out for a walk.  It took four to six people with shovels and extension cords to get the pit bull off the victims.
File photo of miniature doberman pinscher

The miniature doberman pinscher was badly hurt in the accident and the owner's hands were injured.  When police arrived, the pit bull returned and police shot and killed it.

Vernon Hills is just 35 miles from West Chicago where a little yorkie was killed by pit bulls that escaped from a woman operating a pit bull rescue.

This more completely unnecessary carnage.  We don't have to have fighting dogs in our communites.

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