Jun 24, 2014 Wilmette Pit Bull Attacked 13 Year Old Whippet

Wilmette - Police issued local ordinance tickets to Marcin Wysocki, 32, of 3264 Sprucewood Ave., for having an unlicensed dog and for having a dog which bit another dog, following a June 13 incident at that address. Police said a Wilmette resident told them she had been walking her 13-year-old whippet in front of Wysockiʼs address, when a 4-year-old bull terrier ran out of the open garage, racing for her dog. The woman lifted her pet up into her arms, but the bull terrier was still able to bite her dogʼs hind end. She took her dog to a veterinarian, and he eventually received nine stitches to repair the damage of the bite.

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