Dec 06, 2012 Dog fight bust in Dolton, IL

UPDATE: photos of the dogfighters who, if pit bull advocates have their way, will get no jail time in exchange for blood money to put fighting dogs in your neighbor's home:

Dolton - Eight people were arrested and four pit bulls were recovered when police broke up a dog fight in progress.  The dog fighters scurried like rats every which way and six of them were found hiding in the rafters - like rats.

Chicago area media, well-tutored by the pit bull promoters, reported that the dogs "looked like pit bulls" or didn't ascribe a breed to them at all and reported that the dogs had been "rescued."

Here is a fight bust dog next to a champion pure bred fighting pit bull:

And as usual, because this is Chicago, commenters are hoping that the "poor babies" can be adopted out.  No thank you.  I do not want a fight bust dog owned by a nincompoop who thinks they have to be forced to fight landing in my neighbor's yard.

Here is what these bad boys are all about:

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