Oct 28, 2015 Zion Pit Bull Viciously Attacks, Shot By Police; Attack Not Reported

Zion - This attack happened several weeks ago.  It was not reported at the time.  It was included in this piece that attempts to show that pit bulls are no more dangerous than other dogs.

“In early October, an 8-year-old Zion girl was viciously attacked and bit on the face by her family's 18-month-old pit bull, Smokey. The dog was euthanized by police immediately after the attack with the owner's consent.
Zion police arrived at the Joanna Avenue home just after the Oct. 4 attack, according to a police report. An adult and several children were outside the home while three other children remained inside and barricaded in a bedroom, police said.

One officer checked on the girl, who was holding a towel to her face to stop the bleeding, while other officers and neighbors rescued three boys by helping them through a bedroom window.
According to authorities, there were six children — ranging from 2 to 13 years old — at the home before or during the unprovoked attack. One of the children, police said, told officers that Smokey had previously bitten three people and everyone was afraid of him. The mother, according to the police report, said the dog had become increasingly aggressive in recent weeks and had attacked another dog a month and a half prior, but had never bitten any people.’

The family declined to be interviewed, but the young girl is recovering at home.”

The rest of the article explains that pit bulls aren’t a danger and that labs bite more.  How many labs had to be shot by police?  How many people barricaded themselves in a bedroom and had to be rescued through a window because of a rampaging german shepherd?

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