Jul 23, 2015 Animal Protection League Adopting out Pit Bull that Launched Severe Unprovoked Attack

Sangamon Co - An Animal Protection League volunteer was severely bitten by Stewart, a pit bull puppy, in an unprovoked attack after enjoying a walk and a game of catch with a volunteer.

That pit bull is still advertised as available for adoption on the Animal Protection League’s website even while it is in quarantine for biting.  And the Animal Protection League didn’t even bother to put Stewart the attacking pit bull in quarantine until TWO DAYS after the attack.  Despite this, Sangamon County Animal Control called the APL  a reptutable facility.  Really?  And it doesn’t even follow rabies quarantine health code laws?

The volunteer has decided to sue to get a judge to order the pit bull put down.

First, the volunteer should get an injunction preventing the adoption of the pit bull before the hearing.

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Illinois Times
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