Jul 22, 2015 Chicago Dog Attack Victim Says Owners Not Punished Enough

Chicago - Marilyn Grimes sought media help get the word out that not enough is being done for the victims of severe pit bull attacks.

Marilyn Grimes was severely attacked by three pit bulls that got out because their irresponsible owner didn’t make sure the gate was latched to keep people safe from her maulers. Her little dog was killed in the attack and she almost lost both her legs.

Reporter Mai Martinez dug up some background information on dog bites in Cook County and Chicago:

“A review of city and county records from 2012-2014 shows more than 5,700 dog bites were reported in Chicago, and another 8,600 in Cook County.

The city deemed only 280 of those dogs dangerous, the county, just 27. A small number were euthanized and most owners faced maximum fines of just $500.”

And there were no consequences for the irresponsible owner, Katesha Curtiss. Marilyn Grimes wants that to change.

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