May 22, 1951 Fairfield Boy, 3, Killed By A Bulldog

Fairfield-A three year old boy was killed Sunday by a bulldog, described as having been friendly with children.
Fred William Mills, 3, of Mascoutah, IL, was found unconscious, his throat ripped open, an ear chewed off and his face bitten badly.  The bulldog tied up, was not molesting the child when he was found.
The attack occurred in the farm yard of his step-grandparents, Mr. and Mrs R.S. Menefee, ten miles northwest of Fairfield.  The child was visiting them with his mother and step father, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Menefee.
The step father testified at a coroner's inquest that no outcry nor barking was heard.  He said the mother missed the boy and all started looking for him.

Meriden Record; May 22, 1951