Jun 24, 2016 Kankakee felon uses his pit bull to fend off police

Kankakee - An intoxicated felon, WILLIE C. FELTON,  was arrested after firing shots at a trailer home.  When police arrived, he used his pit bull to fend them off and escape in his truck.  He later ditched the truck with the pit bull in it.

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Jun 24, 2016 Waukegan Dog Park User Concerned About Dog Fighting at Dog Park

Waukegan - I'm really concerned that the Waukegan dog park has become a fighting ring for aggressive dogs.  It is really discouraging I can't take my puppy somewhere to play without her getting attacked or seeing another dog get attacked.

Feb 11, 2015 Waukegan pit bull shot by pet sitter

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Jun 22, 2016 Mt. Vernon Pit Bull Attacked Jogger and his Dog

Mt. Vernon - After retiring, I bought a house in Mt. Vernon. My parents moved us to Texas when I was nine. I am enjoying the open friendliness of the people here.

On Friday, June 17, I was running with my dog near my house, when a pit bull, seemingly out of nowhere, attacked my dog. Fiona was severely injured and I was bitten trying to stop the attack. As I lay in the road holding my dog to protect it from the pit bull, two cars stopped to help. One of the drivers, Tonya, called her veterinarian and drove us to the clinic. On the way, 911 dispatch called and asked where we were. She had sent EMS, fire and police to the site. I didn’t know this and told the dispatcher that I left the scene to save my dog’s life, and that my injuries could wait for now.

While Dr. Lamczyk worked to save her, police and animal control arrived to document the attack and for me to identify the pit bull. The police officer and the animal control officer were concerned, professional and their actions helped to relieve some of the stress of the ordeal. Tonya stayed and later drove me home. The clinic staff were amazing. Fiona survived and is home.

I want to thank the Mt. Vernon Police Department, emergency services and dispatch, animal control, the concerned citizens who stopped and everyone at Lamczyk Veterinary Clinic. You made a bad situation bearable.

Monty Bradford
Mt. Vernon

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Jun 22, 2016 Mercer Co. Pit Bull Mix Severely Injures 4-year-old

New Boston - A pit bull mix that was leashed while at a get-together severely mauled a 4-year-old boy’s face requiring surgery and likely future plastic surgery.

The only outlet to report the attack refused to mention breed and downplayed the seriousness of the injury by calling the attack a “bite” in the headline.  Photos that accompany the report show an injury that is already sewn up, but that likely removed a large amount of flesh from the boy’s cheek.

Police are reporting that this was “just a mistake” and no charges have yet been filed although the investigation is ongoing.  The boy did nothing to the pit bull and the attack was completely unprovoked.  The pit bull was leashed at the time.

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Jun 21, 2016 Pit Bull Attacks Second Child; Declared Vicious

Charleston - A judge on Tuesday concluded that there's "no question" that a dog that bit two children is vicious and would continue to be a safety threat if allowed to live.
Charleston is the home of Eastern Illinois University
They don't need pit bulls
Coles County Circuit Judge Brien O'Brien said he felt he had no choice but to order euthanization for the 4-year-old pit bull that most recently bit a 9-year-old child on April 12.

The dog also bit a 3-year-old child at the home of its owner, Kathy Daubs, on Woodlawn Drive in Mattoon in May 2014. O'Brien also noted the recent report that the dog was running loose, which led to authorities' efforts to have it euthanized.

"My concern is about public safety," O'Brien said. "How do I know it's not going to escape again? How do I know if there's not going to be another child that suffers the consequences?"

About a week after the most recent incident, Coles County animal shelter officials deemed it dangerous. That meant it could only be returned to Daubs if she followed certain conditions, including keeping the dog confined and muzzled.

In court Tuesday, Daubs said she kept the dog muzzled after it was returned to her. She said it was also confined to her home but got out of her yard on April 30 because someone moved a piece of fencing, which she since repaired.

The dog's running loose led the Coles County State's Attorney's Office to file the petition seeking the vicious dog designation and euthanization.

Assistant State's Attorney Jesse Danley said the two incidents showed a "pattern," as both times young children were bitten in the face.

"The fear is this dog goes for the cheek next time and gets a kid by the throat," he said.

During the most recent incident, the dog was on a leash but managed to get away from Daubs and bite the child, Danley added. Noting the dog's recent escape from Daubs' yard, he said euthanization was the only guarantee it wouldn't bite another child.

"Unfortunately, Ms. Daubs can't handle this dog," Danley said. "A pit bull with the capability to kill someone doesn't belong in her custody."

The more recent incident also took place near Daubs' house, when the dog bit a child on a bicycle. Daubs claimed the child got too close to her and the dog but other accounts indicated they were separated.

With the 2014 incident, Daubs claimed she pulled the dog by its collar when it jumped on the child and thought the child was injured by being hit by the dog's head. There was evidence of puncture wounds and other indications of a bite, however.

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Jun 16, 2016 Boulder Hill Pit Bull Attacked 2-year-old Girl

Boulder Hill - A pit bull bit a toddler in the face while she was visiting family on June 4th.  The child was taken to the hospital and then released.  The pit bull will be able to stay in the home.

This is the second reported pit bull attack in Oswego in 2 weeks.  And a month before that, a pit bull was shot because it was menacing people in the park.  Oswego has racked up a good number of pit bull attacks in the last couple years.

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Oswego Patch

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Jun 14, 2016 Carpentersville Pit Bull Attack on Dog Inspires New Dangerous Dog Laws

Carpentersville - What must have been a pit bull seriously attacked a sweet dog named Buddy after invading Buddy’s own backyard.  Buddy’s owner found out that virtually nothing would be done to stop another attack by the same pit bull, so he asked the Carpentersville Board of Trustees to look into it.
Buddy is a pit bull attack victim
Though the press and the board have gone to extremes to hide and protect pit bulls, board meeting minutes show that the board looked at BSL which is a sure sign it was a pit bull that attacked.  They went to extremes to avoid leaving a public record of their discussions about pit bulls.  Though two of the discussions about dangerous dogs were conducted in open sessions and open sessions are videotaped, the two discussions about dangerous dog laws and Buddy's attack were scheduled after breaks.  The video stopped for the break and there is no video of the open meeting after the breaks.

Though the board of trustees did discuss dangerous dog breed bans and the ban on BSL in Illinois,   no one brought up the fact that, as a home rule city, Carpentersville can implement BSL despite the statewide ban.  And they should do so for the protection, well-being, and sustained quality of life of Carpentersville citizens.

The upshot is that Carpentersville refuses to protect people and pets from pit bulls and first time attacks will continue as usual.  With the new regulations, if people bother to comply, it could get expensive and more difficult to keep dangerous and vicious dogs.  And yeah, it is AOK to keep vicious dogs in Carpentersville.  It is even OK to keep a dangerous dog on a property that does not allow a fence to be built.

The extent to which Illinois cities are willing to twist and contort themselves to protect mauling pit bulls and their owners would be hilarious if it were not so extremely amoral and if the burden citizens will bear in injury and death were not so heavy to bear.

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Jun 10, 2016 Update on Boulder Hill Pit Bull That Attacked a Woman

Boulder Hill - The reporting on this has been absolutely bizarre.  There have been reports and updates mostly about the pit bull.  The focus has not been on the fact a woman was seriously mauled.  There have been updates on why the pit bull was shot, but scant attention is given the injuries, well-being or recovery of the victim.

On may 15th an American bulldog attacked the mother of its owner inside the mother’s home.  The woman grabbed a hammer to try to defend herself, but the attack continued outside where the woman collapsed.

Neighbors saw the attack and some of them managed to stop the attack with a baseball bat and a knife.  When deputies came, they asked the woman if they could shoot the menacing dog, she said yes, and then they shot it, killing it.

A lot of reporting space is being taken up talking about the deputies justifications for shooting the mauler, with no updates on the victim's condition.

When firefighters came, they saw she was in a lot of pain with injuries to her hands, stomach and feet, and that is all that is known.

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Chicago Tribune

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Jun 08, 2016 Batavia Pit Bull Shot by Police; Loose and Aggressive

Batavia - A black and white pit bull was loose and when a police officer attempted to leash it, it began repeatedly aggressively charging at the officer.  When the officer approached, the pit bull became aggressive and charged the officer several times before knocking the officer down. The officer shot the aggressive pit bull in the side in self defense.
Batavia Doesn't Need Aggressive Pit Bulls
The pit bull ran away and attacked a leashed labrador it encountered. The pit bull is expected to survive. The owner, JENNIFER ATKINSON, was located and ticketed. The same pit bull had bitten a person in April 2015.

Jun 07, 2016 Lake Zurich Pit Bulls Attacked a Young Shepherd Mix Unprovoked

Lake Zurich - Alice was “ripped up” on both hind legs and her stomach when two pit bulls escaped their yard and attacker her.  Alice’s owner was bitten several times when he tried to separate the animals.
Alice was attacked by a pit bull

Several Lake Zurich residents attended the village board meeting to voice their concerns, including Alice’s owner. The group, including a local business owner asked the village board to adopt dangerous and vicious animal ordinances that would address attack’s like Alice’s.  The village board said that the Lake County Animal Control is sufficient.  An investigation is under way.  This attack was not reported in the news when it occurred.

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Jun 06, 2016 Burr Ridge Pit Bull Bit a Man in the thigh

Burr Ridge - A man reported a black-and-white dog, that looks like a pit bull and terrier mix, bit him in the right thigh when he was walking near Steven's Park at about 8 p.m. May 26. The dog was on leash with its owner. The victim did not want to file a complaint against the dog owner.

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Jun 01, 2016 Willow Springs Man Accused of Dogfighting

Chicago - A Willow Springs man is accused of being part of a multi-state dog fighting ring, and the U.S. Justice Department says 66 dogs have been rescued.

46-year-old Pedro Cuellar of Willow Springs has been charged with violating the Animal Welfare Act.
File photo of pit bulls fighting in the pit
The following quote from the news article, suggesting that a pit bull won a fight and then died because it was "sick," shows that the reporter doesn't understand that these dogs will fight while mortally wounded themselves, and that it is not uncommon that the winning pit bull also dies from injuries sustained during the fight.
The criminal complaint describes some of the conditions.
For example, it says authorities recorded one ring member talking about a dog that won a fight despite being obviously sick.
“He won, but we couldn’t save him,” he’s quoted as saying.“We lost the dog probably 15 minutes after the match.”