Aug 20, 2016 Riverside Dogs Attack People and Kill a Dog

Riverside - An owner of a shepherd/beagle mix and a pit bull was out of the country and left his dogs with a dog walker. While the dog walker was walking the dogs in the affluent suburb on August 16, the shepherd/beagle lunged at a 65 year old man and bit him on his hand and on his chest. That dog had 2 previous bites last year so it was impounded and is to be designated vicious. The 65 year old victim refused an ambulance and said he would get medical attention himself.

Then, on August 18, the same dog walker was walking the pit bull when it saw a Havanese dog, pulled out of its collar and mortally wounded the gentle little dog in what police said was a “gruesome scene.” The 65 year old owner of the Havanese was also viciously attacked when he tried to protect his dog.
File Photo of a Havanese
Both dogs were removed from the neighborhood and are being kept at a vet clinic until the owner returns to the country. Many people have called police emphasizing that the pit bull attack occurred near a school. The police have assured the citizens of Riverside that the dogs have been removed from the neighborhood.
Riverside Needs to Ban Pit Bulls
Police are acting differently here because Riverside is an affluent village. The median income for a household is $64,931 and for a family $80,146. The entire village is on the National Historic Landmark because it was designed by the Father of Landscape Architecture, Fredrick Law Olmsted and features homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, William Le Baron Jenney, and others.