Mar 13, 2017 Belvidere Pit Bull Attacks Owner and Owner's Service Pit Bull

Belvidere - Lael Lewand is a super pit bull supporter.  She has a supposed pit bull service dog named Isis and another big pit bull named Keiko.   Lael started a facebook page for the pit bulls called Isis, head of the itty bitty pittie committee & Keiko too.  Lael says on her page she has been diagnosed with several conditions including depression, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

The big pit bull named Keiko attacked Isis.  Lael's face was really torn up and she went to the emergency room in an ambulance.  She put a photo of her damage, and the damage to Isis up in public facebook posts.  There was no news outlet reporting of these attacks.  Lael referred to previous attacks in a recent post.

The attacker is back home with the owner, but kept in his own room.  A lonely old lab has to be kept in a bedroom, as well, to keep him from being attacked from both pit bulls.

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