Sep 25, 2015 Chicago Pit Bull Attacks UPS Driver in West Side, Police Say

UPDATE: Right before the pit bull attacked Jesus Toledo, the owner said not to worry, it was a nice dog.  Toledo asked three times for them to not open the door to get the package until he was gone and he tried to race away before the dog could get out, but the pit bull owner opened the door anyway and the pit bull attacked.  Then, as the pit bull attacked, the pit bull owner did nothing to help.  Toledo said he could not believe that this long time customer, whom he'd served for so long, just stood there and did nothing as her pit bull ripped him apart.  Toledo lost his thumb and his ear and required surgery to put his hand back together again.  Toledo thanked the postal worker who saved him.
And CACC, city workers who are paid by tax payers, refused to make any comment about whether they're even going to put the mauling pit bull down.
Hero mail carrier who saved Jesus Toledo's life

The pit bull bit through tough work boots
Chicago - “A UPS driver was rescued by a postal carrier after being attacked by a pit bull on his route Friday morning.
Jesus Toledo is a UPS worker Who Was Attacked
By A Pit Bull On the Job
The incident happened in the North Austin neighborhood, near North Cicero Avenue and West Cortland Street, in the city's West Side.

The UPS driver, Jesus Toledo, said the dog escaped through the front door when the woman opened it. A postal worker nearby heard Toledo yelling and ran to help pull the dog off the UPS driver and wrestled it to the ground.

Toledo is hospitalized with cuts on his head and ankle but is said to be doing OK.

The dog has been impounded by Animal Control and is currently undergoing a 10-day rabies observation.”

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