May 26, 2016 Lawsuit: Edwardsville Pit Bull Seriously Attacks Man

Edwardsville - A pit bull owned by BRIAN SAWYER, KATHY SAWYER, STACY VINSON, and RONALD THOMPSON allegedly attacked a man causing serious injury.  The victim is now suing the pit bull owners for failing to properly train their pit bull. This attack was not reported by the media.

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May 17, 2016 Boulder Hill Pit Bull Attacked Woman was Bludgeoned and Shot to Death

Boulder Hill - A pit bull attacked it’s owner’s mother outside her home. Neighbors unsuccessfully attempted to stop the attack by hitting the pit bull/American Bulldog mix with a baseball baseball bat.

Kendall Co. Sheriff’s deputies arrived and the pit bull continue to menace everyone on the scene as the victim was receiving medical attention, so with the pit bull victim/caregiver’s permission, an officer shot the pit bull to death.

The daughter lived with her mother. This attack was the second serious attack that required the attacking pit bull to be shot in one month in the small town of Boulder Hill.

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May 12, 2016 Chicago Pit Bull Attacked a Leashed Little Dog

Chicago - This attack was not reported in the media. It was found on Everyblock. The comments respond with several more pit bull attacks or encounters with aggressive loose pit bulls.

"On Spaulding between Palmer and Dickens: was walking my dog, when a loose pit bull spotted us across the street and ran quickly over and began biting and growling at my dog. I pulled my little guy back, and I guess yelled something in panic at the other dog and then he spurted back to the other side of the street. Some random lady was blazing it up (this was at 930-10am) a few yards from the dog and I asked her if it was hers, and she just stared at me and kept puffing away. I think I've seen her before, and someone who saw the incident said they had seen the dog before. I love all dogs, and have no issues with so-called aggressive breeds, but this one in particular was fast as hell and aggressive.

Posting because I'm not sure if anyone knows the owner (I think it was that woman), or if they've spotted this dog as well. However I just wanted to warn neighbors to maybe keep their pups close and be aware.

Called animal control once I got my dog back into the apartment but exactly two minutes later- the woman and the dog were gone."

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May 08, 2016 Chicago Pit Bull Attack Severely Wounds Another Dog

Chicago - A woman reports on EveryBlock that her dog was severely attacked.  The pit bull had severely attacke several times before and neither the police nor animal control did anything at all despite reports being made.  Finally, with much persistence, the pit bull owner relinquished one of his pit bulls so it could be euthanized.

My dog was attacked by a black and white pit bull at the corner of Mozart and Logan Blvd on Thursday May 5. Please be careful of this dog as it has attacked several other dogs in the neighborhood and is out loose tonight and dangerous. My dog has been in the ER and severely wounded. This situation is extremely serious. Community members have consistently reported the dog to the police. Please help to do the same and protect your animals.

There is an owner but there seems to be a lot of neglect and abuse. Hence why the dog has repeatedly attacked and viciously. The police are aware of the abuse as well. Likely the dog is trained to be a fighting dog.

So many police reports have been filed against the dog. There are 5 severe attacks that we know of that have been documented. The police are well aware. Animal control is also well aware but constantly refers us back to the police who essentially seem powerless. Our best option is to fight back as a community. Please help us by calling the alderman and asking them to look into this. The dog is still out in the neighborhood and it's just a matter of time before another animal or human attack occurs. I agree also about the vet bills. People have tried to sue the owner of the dog in the past but the court could not find him because he had just gotten out of jail. Please call your local officials to help us. Thank you.

Amber, we have all called 911 multiple times. In fact when it happened the cops were there. But it seems like they are not acing upon it when people who lives in the neighborhood feel extremely unsafe. If you want to help please call the local alderman and complain.

Thanks Amber. Unfortunately when you use that resource page you just posted and call 311 for animal control they tell you to call the police and file a police report. There is no way to talk with animal control directly. If you know of another way please do share. Sadly the system seems to be broken.

Hello again, first I have to say that even though this incredibly traumatic and devastating situation occurred and has to other dog owners in the past as well, the response from the community is to powerful and heart warming. I am grateful for the help from everyone. I got a call tonight from Animal Control that the owner relinquished one of the pit bulls (the black and white one) to be euthanized. While I feel a little safer I don't feel a sense of justice.”

This attack was not reported in the media.

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