Oct 19, 2016 Chicago Pit Bull Killed Yorkie; City Does Nothing

Chicago - While on a walk with his owner, a loose pit bull attacked and killed Oliver, an 8 year old, 8 pound Yorkshire terrier.  Oliver was the light of his owner’s life.  He did everything and went everywhere with Ashley Dombrow.
RIP Oliver
Ashley fought hard to pry the pit bull’s jaws open.  Then she tried to push Oliver’s intestines back inside his body as she rushed him to the vet, but he passed away.

She sought medical attention because she had bites from trying to get the pit bull to release Olver.

She wrote a long and heartbreaking testament to the love that she had for Oliver and to what a delightful little being Oliver was.

Ashley Dombrow
on Sunday
I am incredibly sad to tell you all that today was one of the most horrific days of my life. As I was taking Oliver out for a walk this afternoon, Oliver and I were viciously attacked by a pittbull. I am devastated to tell you all that Oliver did not make it and died as a result of the attack. It was truly one of the most horrific things I have ever experienced.
I was also bitten by the dog and I went to the urgent care hospital but I am fine - I got some shots and antibiotics. The dog that attacked us was not current on his shots, so animal control will have to test the dog for rabies and I may have to get some more treatment for that, but overall, Im physically okay.
As everyone knows, Oliver was the light of my life and that is probably an understatement. He was not just like any other dog, but he was incredibly special and not only special to me, but lit up the lives of everyone that knew him. He was there for me for everything in my life - the good and the bad - he was my baby, my world.
Every morning Oliver and I would wake up, get in the car and go to starbucks. I would get my drink and the people at starbucks would give him a little pup cup with some whip cream. Afterwards we would go on our morning walk and then start the day. Often Oliver would come with me to work or to the container store to design closets, would ride in the car with me everywhere and made friends with everyone he met. Every night we would lay in bed and I would give him a paw massage with his Burts Bee's doggie paw lotion and then he would curl up under my arm and we would go to bed.
Many of you know and love Oliver, and loved getting to spend time with him because he was such a joy to everyone he ever came in contact with. He wasn't really a dog - he was more like a little person. Many of you loved him as if he was your own. He was so special, so wonderful, there truly is no other dog out there like Oliver. He was absolutely the most amazing dog in the world.
I am so devastated I cannot begin to even start to move forward, even though I know I have to. When something terrible like this happens, you see people for who they truly are, and what I learned today was incredible. I have incredible neighbors, who rallied together during the attack to help me in every way possible. They called the police and filed police reports for me, they drove me and Oliver to the hospital, they cried, they hugged, they gathered all my mail (which was all over the place because I had it in my hand during the attack), they brought me flowers, they came to check on me. The people in my community are wonderful. But not only that, my best friend and sister, Anna Paris and my father, Tony Dombrow were there for me in a way I cannot even begin to describe. They were there at the hospital, they supported me, they got me medicine at the drug store, they got me food and water, they held my hand while I was getting shots, they cleaned up the blood I was covered in, they cried, they hugged, and they stayed with me so I wouldn't have to be alone. The words "Thank You" are just not enough. These two people saved my life last summer and they are here to my rescue again. I am incredibly fortunate to have Anna and my Dad.
Also I want to thank the most amazing friends and family, I would never have gotten through today without all of your amazing support. Seriously - I am so lucky to have you. Thank you Lindsey Newett, Samantha G Taylor, Gina Howe (Oliver's other mom and my Mama Gina), Sean Nearey and my Aunt Chris.
Oliver - I miss you and I love you and I know that you are in a better place right now, and that you are with my mom. I will never forget you, you will be with me every day. You were the light of my life and I love you in the most incredible way. There will never be another dog like you, and I am so sorry that you were taken from me this way. I am just so glad that you are not suffering.

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