Mar 21, 2017 Chicago Pack of Pit Bulls Invade Yard and Kill Beloved Beagle Mix

Chicago - A woman let her beagle mix named Sadie out to relieve herself when 6 stray pit bulls and mixes jumped their fence. Sadie’s owner tried to get Sadie inside, but couldn’t before the pit mixes got to her and mauled her to death.
RIP Sadie
Sadie was owned by an elderly couple. Both were hearing impaired and the husband was visually impaired as well. Sadie acted as their alert dog and helped them function. Not only is the family devastated by her loss, but her owners don’t have their helper.

Rescuers rounded up the pit bulls and are hoping they can be rehabilitated and adopted out. While a couple rescuers showed genuine concern, most only showed passing concern for Sadie and her family.

Six pit bulls that killed Sadie at CACC

Even though the Chicago Police Department and Chicago Animal Care and Control were involved, the media did not pick up this story which is a shame because the publicity might have brought help to the elderly couple.

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Mar 21, 2017 Belleville Pit Bull Kills Dachshund in Owner's Arms

Belleville  - This is another unreported pit bull attack found on facebook.  
This is my boy Snickers. He loved and brought a smile to everyone he came in contact with. Last night the neighbors pit bull attacked Snickers while he was in my arms. He died later last night while he was with the Vet overnight. I loved him like a son!!
RIP Snickers-BSL saves lives!

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