Nov 11, 2016 Evanston Pit Bull Mauled Little Dog

Evanston - A sweet little dog named Munenca was mauled by a pit bull.  The attack wasn’t reported in the news.  The desperate owner started a Gofundme page for her.
Get Well Munenca!  Evanston Does Not Need Pit Bulls!
“Our beloved muñeca got attack by a pitbull who was off leash with no owner in site. She was bitten 8 times  which caused 10 bite wounds, one of which opened up her stomach, that caused her intestines to come out. The total amount for the surgery  comes out to be  around $3,500. Plus the more the get her back to being happy and healthy. We are asking  for any help that you can give to help pay for her costs because the owners of the pit bull are refusing to pay. We truly appreciate it . Please  keep our baby in your prayers she's a true hero and fighter, and she has been threw alot. Thanks for taking a moment of your time and as well to whom are helping as well thank you.”

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