Sep 18, 2017 Chicago Pit Bulls Escape and Attack Small Dog

Chicago - "My dad was walking our dog in the alley behind Fair Share when two pit bulls got out of a yard and attacked him. He got off of the leash and ran away. We've been searching the area looking for him with no luck. His name is Benito. He is a small dark brown chihuahua/terrier mix. He might be bleeding from the nape of his neck. He isn't wearing a collar as he got out of it and he isn't chipped. If you see him, please call 7734247022 or 7083281791. He's friendly but a bit skittish. Thanks in advance. UPDATE: He's been found and is at the vet. He's got some open wounds that need to be taken care of but should be ok otherwise."

Sep 07, 2017 Freeport Pit Bull attacked a Shiba Inu in her own yard.

Freeport - A Shiba Unu dog was severely injured in his own yard by a pit bull that was being walked by a young child. Jasper the Shiba Inu's injuries were severe and so his owner is asking for help paying the bills with a GoFundMe page.
Jasper the Shiba Inu was attacked by a pit bull

"This Labor day my small Shiba Inu was on the leash outside in our front yard a family with a pregnant Pit walked by and when Jasper barked at them that pregnant girl attacked. The dog came onto my property because a child was holding the leash. Jasper's leash was a 3 + feet from the sidewalk. I was told she had to be forced to let him go. He has 1 hole in his neck, 5 on his chest and 4 on his leg. Chest muscle had to be sewed together before closing the wounds and a drain tube was left in through the biggest wound. Being a holiday the Vet was closed but thankfully met me at the clinic. He was examined and sewed back together and is not going to be healed for quite some time.... So more Vet bills are coming. I am a single mother and as you can imagine the cost is overwhelming. He is lucky to be alive as he is only 20 lbs (and 12 years old) compared to her huge mass. Your change will quickly add up and help my baby during this painful healing process. Much love and thanks to any kind soul who can donate a few dollars."

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